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Kenahi Springs [RCT2]

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Kenahi Springs is a very big park (256 X 256). I plan on making it an ongoing project with many themed areas that are also grouped into several larger themed "Lands". Most of my attention has been put towards the "Expedition Land" which contains a Rain forest area, a Mining village, and an Egyptian area. Both the Mining and Egyptian areas are not complete. I don't really like using custom scenery except for when it comes to using custom pathways which I adore.


Feel free to comment on the pictures below...I enjoy feedback. A lot.


Overall view of the Park


Entrance Building...the largest building I have EVER built!


Merry-Go-Round on its nifty little island!


The main food court building + Observation Tower


One of the entrances to Expedition Land (the other is not yet complete). Vertical coaster, Expedition: Inca, is doing its fancy arch thing. I pretty proud of that haha!


Entrance building of Expedition: Inca


Entrance of the Raft Raiders ride


First Part of the Raft Raiders


The second part which takes you up a mountain and through the Jungle!


The purple rider (not yet complete) is a monster Truck ride that takes you through all of the different areas of Expedition Land.


Just a glimpse of what work has been done on the Mining Village called Roosevelt


Transition between the Mining Village and the Egyptian Area (a fancy building will be built)


The work that has been done on the Egyptian area and Main Rollercoaster named "Expedition: Egypt"


More work


Entrance of the Atlantis area



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Guess What!


I finally finished the main roller coaster in the Egyptian part of Kenahi Springs! It took forever, but I'm really proud of it.

The coaster's name is "Expedition: Cairo" plus there is a Magic Carped ride hidden in there as well!


P.S. there is a huge forested part of the Mine Village I want to put a ride in, but I can't think of what to put...Ideas?


Overall view of the Coaster


Awesome dive



The Magic Carpet ride is in that building.


Any ideas for what to put here?

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It's been a little while since my last update. I have completely finished the little mining village area; complete with a helicopter ride, river rapids, and a mine coaster called "Roosevelt Ridge Mines". Please excuse my horrendous inability to name rides. The Expedition: Cairo ride has turned out to be a nightmare, and has crashed 5 times already. A change, however, in the minimum and maximum wait times at the station should sort things out a little...hopefully


My next project is to expand the jungle area further back into the park with a giant mountain with some awesome ride(s) in it.


Awesome "Riddler's Gulch" Rapids ride. Personally, my favorite ride in the park.


Entrance of Riddler's Gulch


Cool water tower part + the monster truck ride that will be finished...who knows when haha


Fun Helicopter ride called "High Flyer". This ride's waiting time is like 2 hours...


Entrance of High Flyer. Its all fancy on a lake n' stuff


Entrance of the "Roosevelt Ridge Mines"


more Roosevelt Mines


The first drop. Freakin' awesome!

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So...I am sorry to say i will no longer be updating this park. My computer's hard drive crashed and burned and I lost allll of my Parks including my other bumbly beach park. I am soooo sad! I was almost finished with the Atlantis area of the park and had begun work on a fairytale forest.

Sorry for no more updates! I BLAME TECHNOLOGY!!!

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