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Universal Studios Hollywood - January

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Hi all,

I looked for the Universal Studios Hollywood thread to ask this question but couldn't find it for the life of me. If need be feel free to move this post into that thread


Anyway, I will be going to LA this January. I am not exactly sure what week, but it will be between the 4th of January and the 25th. I only have one day spare to visit a theme park in the week that I'm going. It seems that most parks in LA are closed during this time other than Knotts and USH. The people I am going with all are leaning towards USH so it seems that I will be going there.


Does anyone have any advice for visiting the park at that time of year? It'll be cold and I will most likely attempt to go on a school day so there are less crowds, but any advice on how to handle the park would be appreciated Or if you guys know of any other parks like SFMM that are actually open let me know


Thanks guys!

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Get there early because the park tends to close early, especially during that time but for the most part the park will be dead especially during the time you stated you wish to go. USH is a great way to see some aspects of hollywood while also getting a small theme park experience. Its also a great way to kill a day, but if you are simply looking for rides, Knotts might be better. Outside of Transformers, the Tram, the Mummy, Jurassic Park, and the Simpsons, everything else is a show, either 3D, live performance, or a hybrid of both.

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The guy above summed up pretty well, the only thing I really want to add is if you are picking between parks, unIversal has less intense rides, but better visually, and overall a bigger production, hence a THEME park instead of an AMUSEMENT park. Knotts would be better if you want more rides, but are okay with a bit less theming. So overall, go to universal if you are wanting more of a, for lack of a better word, magical experience; Go to knotts if you want more to do though.

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Shell out for the VIP Tour. $250 but well worth it, especially if you're interested in film production. Front of line access on all rides, priority seats at all shows, lunch, valet parking and a great tour. The studio tour is actually a proper tour as well, not a tram ride through the backlot. You'll get to see the prop warehouse (awesomeness), get out, walk around and take photos of backlots (more awesomeness) and you have a proper tour guide, not a prerecorded spiel.

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For opening times check the parks website. Disney will be open but likely with reduced times plus expect some ride rehabs.


After booking my Orlando vacation also in Jan I'm still amazed that for most parks - except Disney - you don't know opening times 3 months in advance. But I guess this has to do with the year change.


If you wanna book themepark tickets in advance online I'd suggest waiting till Jan. On my last years SFMM online tickets it was clearly stated that they're only valid the current year - so you might get problems with tickets you buy now.

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Is Disney not an option? With two parks you get some fun coasters, good theming, and good shows. I agree with the above posts though, for coasters, Knott's, for theming and fun shows/activities/rides, Universal.

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