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Do you buy DVDs, Blu-Rays, or Stream Video?

How do you watch movies & videos? (Choose the one that applies the most)  

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  1. 1. How do you watch movies & videos? (Choose the one that applies the most)

    • I buy mostly Blu-Rays
    • I buy mostly DVDs
    • I stream or download most videos

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I checked that I buy mostly Blu-Rays, but I'd be interested in DVDs or downloads as well. The reason why I prefer Blu-Ray is just because of the picture quality. However, I would buy a DVD instead if it was significantly cheaper. Digital downloads would be my third choice, but I would like a copy that I can keep on my hard drive as opposed to streaming it online.


So to sum up, I prefer Blu-Ray but I would consider DVDs or downloads if the price is right! For the record, I believe TPR's RAW volumes are already priced reasonably...I'm just waiting for some extra cash so that I can actually purchase the ones I don't have!

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I stream and download pretty much everything nowadays. Since fibre internet had become more prominent in the UK its been the best choice for high quality video.


In my case though its probably because I watch everything on my computer rather than my TV so it's just easier than playing DVDs on it (and Apple are tight lipped on blu-ray!)

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My DVR recorded a show in standard def the other day. I couldn't believe how crappy the picture looked. I can't believe I actually watched that fuzzy, blocky, horrible picture and thought it was acceptable. It hurt my eyes! How did I ever live before HD?


Same here. I look at the standard def shows and wonder how I ever watched those. Probably because they were on a much smaller screen at the time.

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