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Bad Restaurant Experiences

Sir Clinksalot

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When an Applebees opened in my town in like 2002, me and my family went there like the first week it was open. My town is fairly small, and one resturant is like a HUGE deal, its pathetic.


Me and my family go there, they come and ask us what we want to drink and we give the girl our order. Then about 15 minutes later she comes back with our drinks, and takes our food order.


After about 45 minutes, my dad was getting pissed so he asks the next waitress that walks by why it was taking so long. She said she didn't know, but that she would check what our servers name was. She comes back and is like "oh she went on her break." Like it was no big deal at all. So we just like left and told the manager. Yeah, it wasn't too good.

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I've went to a Chinese restaurant / Dinner which made me puke all night due to "food poisoning". I had to go to hospital to have an ECG scan as I fainted and knocked myself out when I switched the light on for the bathroom.


After some Indian food last year I puked and had cold n hot flushes, nearly fainted again.


I never eat this type of food again unless I cook it myself as I know what type of meat is being used.


Waited 1/2 hour for food at a couple of Restaurants, after 45 mins I complain and walk out , not pay

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I've had bad experiences in restaurants, but this one takes the cake. My sister,cousin,aunt and I travel alot together and on this particular trip we went to Salem,MA for Halloween. We stayed in a little town called Peabody which was about 15 minutes outside of Salem. Well after sight-seeing one day, we go to dinner near our hotel. It was Carrabbas. I love this place an I told everyone I was with that they would enjoy their food. Well we sit down, order everything, service is good so far. We get our salads and appetizers and prepare to eat when my cousin's eyes get as wide as plates and screams,"Oh my God, look behind you!" and points. I look and there walking on the ledge of our booth is a happy family of roaches of all different sizes. Then we look down at our plates and see the same site on our salad plates. Well we all get out of the booth and my cousin proceeds to whack at the roaches with her napkin and they fall into the booth behind us. We tell the people in that booth where the roaches have just fallen what just happened to us and they look at us and continue to eat and drink and sit with the roaches. The fact that they would continue to eat with roaches around them,gross! Well we told our waitress. then we told the manager, he apologized and tried to give us free stuff, we said thanks but no thanks and left very quickly. And here is a little reminder of how clean a restaurant is. When you go into a restaurant, check out the bathroom first. You can tell how clean their kitchen is by seeing how clean the bathroom is.

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yesterday a kid pretty much puked his guts out because there was like, cow blood in the milk or something. it resulted in most of the witnesses hacking there stomachs up, so as a result my math class was almost empty, so I was stuck alone with my bitch teacher.


There is something wrong with school milks I swear! They need to investigate, we have 6 lunches in my school, mine (of course) is #6! The milk sits there in a steel box, waiting for kids to pick it up order and drink it...but it sits there all day! So we get there and the milk is always room temp! I cant stand the flavors of the milk either, but I have to drink something, and I cant afford 2$ water everyday, so Im forced to drink that crap! Id rather pay $1.75 at McDonalds eat a freaking McChicken sandwich, and 3/4 of a small fry! And it still is better for you!

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Keeping with the crappy lunch theme, one time I was, like, the OMGIMSOHUNGRY kind of hungry, so in the lunch line, I got a strawberry yogurt. So after finishing most of my lunch, I unpacked my spork and stuck it in the yogurt... and it barely came out. I'm talking about cottage-cheese consistency here. Lumpy, flavorless goo. Except here, the only flavor was that of licking a rock under a flock of seagulls. What a waste of $1.50.

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Black Angus near SFMM.


I was visiting there for my birthday a few months ago. The waiter was horrible. I mean real bad. He sat us down and we ordered. The drinks and some bread they gave us came in 10 minutes. He didn't even bother to give us silverware... which is usually the first thing a waiter/waitress does. He took forever to give us our food and there were barely any people there at the time. I asked for water 3Xs before he gave me it! He messed up on my cousins order... she ordered fillet mignon and he gave her Salmon. It was just a bad experience. Plus he had a belt that had the word RIDE on it. What a total douchebag.

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