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What next generation system are you going to buy?


Which system are you going to buy  

29 members have voted

  1. 1. Which system are you going to buy

    • Nintendo Revolution
    • PlayStation 3
    • X-Box 360
    • Two of the three
    • All of them
    • None of them

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It's really tough to make this game this far ahead of time. I have my 360 on preorder, but I haven't got a chance to play it yet. As for the PS3 and Revolution...I want to play around with those too before I make up my mind. Does this mean I have doubts with any of the three...not really. I am just hesistant to spend a few hundred bucks on something I can not "test drive." Do note that the "boomerang" controller that Sony dished out in time for E3 this year is NOT their official controller. People seem to think it is. :shock:

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I found a picture of R.O.B. , I never got a chance to play with one but I remember playing the other game he was needed for (it is the one behind him in the picture) and my cousin told me you had to have a robot to play it. It's too bad R.O.B. was phased out by making the AI in the games smarter. Maybe in the next fifty years we will see a robot that has enough AI to play a NES and understand what it is doing.



I found this little interview with R.O.B. that covers his life and demise ...

R.I.P. R.O.B 1985 - 1988 http://www.nesplayer.com/nintend-o-vision/ROB.htm


That's awesome...my partner actually has one in his mom's attic. Funny how Wario Ware on the GBA opened my eyes to its existence!

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@ imbordisux= hehe nice video especially the 2 cooks


I'm going to buy a Nintendo Revolution merely because they are (trying) inventive with there new consoles. (such as their DS)


PS3 and 360 are particularly focussed on the graphics part. They both try to profile the most "realistic" graphics on their machines.


I alreday have enough EA-sports games and i'm not going to buy a new console to merely see stunning grass on the football fields with no change in gameplay. I will rather subscribe me in one of the local sport clubs to get uber realistic events + practicing sport is more healthy, hihi


Other examples of better graphics without any other major change = Killzone 2, Formule 1, Fifa 2006, NFL 2006, Ghost Recon 360, Morrowind: Oblivion,... etc. etc.

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