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What next generation system are you going to buy?


Which system are you going to buy  

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  1. 1. Which system are you going to buy

    • Nintendo Revolution
    • PlayStation 3
    • X-Box 360
    • Two of the three
    • All of them
    • None of them

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With the next generation of gaming right around the corner, I was wanting to see which system ... if any, most people are going to buy.


Nintendo Revolution

The Revolution will have all the classic Nintendo titles you love, Kirby, Mario, Metroid and Zelda. Revolution's controller is quite an innovative design but it is leaving gamers with mixed feelings.


PlayStation 3

If you buy a PlayStation 3 you get a ton of titles, such as ... Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Kill Zone, Metal Gear Solid and Tekken. With the preview pictures that have been released you can see the controller is basicly the same but now has longer handles.


X-Box 360

The biggest draw for the 360 is Halo and XBox live, take those and add an impressive addition in power speed and graphics and you have one formidable console. With titles like Dead OR Alive, Halo, and Project Gotham Racing and you have a good time for older gamers.


I am more than likely not going to get a next generation system at first and wait for them to come down in price but I do know the one I will get is the PS3.

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I used to jump on the new systems, but we will wait a bit and see how everything pans out, then we will get a system, probably either the Xbox, or PS3, maybe the Revolution, but I'll have to wait and see how the controller works out

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Undecided right now. XBox 360 doesn't look that great to me. I'm worried Revolution is going to be another Nintendo only system (some great 1st party games but no 3rd party support) and the rumored price of PS3 is making me hesitant to get that as well (if it's over $299, forget it!).


I'm happy with the current generation of systems right now. Plus, games for PS2, XBox and Gamecube are cheaper than ever (older games can be as low as $5 new) so I'm content playing games now.


Plus I have the DS which looks to have a great fall lineup so that will keep me busy as well.


Once all 3 systems are out and have a wide variety of games, I'll make a selection.

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Easy choice for me. Revolution. Even if it is just for the cheaper price tag!


Even though I'm tempted to get the XBOX360 or the PS3 for certain titles, I just don't feel like spending that much on something I could get now! Face it! They are the same thing all over again. Just with better graphics n Stuff. That just doesn't do it for me. I save the money...

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From the results I have seen so far each system definitely has it's own group in buyers. Nintendo is the console the families will buy because of all the family friendly titles and almost no adult games. PlayStation is geared to the casual Adult gamer but also has a very wide selection to choose from, so it is more of the middle one of the three. X-Box is for the adult die hard gamer with it's large amount of online multi player games.

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adult die hard gamer with it's large amount of online multi player games.


That might change....


no honestly... I DO agree on most of your post, however, I think this year it'll look a lil different.

If Nintendo can pull of a >$200 price tag, it might very well become a secondary console for many "hard core gamers" that already own a PS3 or XBOX360. Don't you think?

The poll so for is proofing my point I think...


Both sony and Microsoft definately target the same audience, while Nintendo targes a much broader one. If they'll be succesful with it I don't know, but I'm pretty sure it'll be owned by more people than you might think...

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Well yeah , it just really makes me feel old seeing how much video games have evolved in my life time. I mean I am going on twenty and I have seen consoles go from, everyone having a Nintendo, to either having a Sega Genesis or Super Nintendo and then it moved to you either have a Nintendo 64 or a PlayStation. The video game world really changed when it reached this point, the children that grew up with video games were now teens or young adults. The world of gaming was becoming more and more diverse, some gamers moved to the world of computer gaming, some left the gaming world and some stayed true to the console.


My post you referred to is more or less me feeling old ... .


By the way, anyone remember that game on NES that used a robot that dropped a ... er ... I think spinning top on the controller. That was one innovative but strange game. Also, never forget the Power Glove

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Nintendo is quite innovative but you have to look at some of their innovations, not all of them were good. Just with the NES you have the first console light gun with Duck Hunt, the first foot mat with Track and Field, the little robot I was talking about in my previous post and the power glove. The light gun and foot mat are still here but the Power Glove and robot just didn't work out too well.


Super Nintendo didn't do too many innovative things but it did introduce the Super Gameboy, for the first time you could play a Game Boy game on your T.V. The N64 brought the Rumble Pack which isn't around any more but it did inspire the dual shock controller, with built in rumble. More or less Nintendo has always been innovative but they have had their fair share of failures.


You never know what will happen though, Sega was very innovative and now they are only making games via third party. I personally would love for Nintendo to go third party because I love Nintendo games but that's really all their systems have.

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^ But isn't that how it's been for the last 5 years?





WOW, VERY MUCH SO, I totally agree, there are groups of fans that buy certian systems for certain reasons


I have little to no prefrence, the companies that I loved are gone. Sega, I know they still exist, but are creating some meh titles recently, I still love my Dreamcast, and Atari, God bless those idiots that turned the leader of the video industry into a name for a french video game company, congrats

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The little robot was called "R.O.B." ("Robotic Operating Buddy"), and the game was called "Gyromite".


Anyone remember the "U-Force" peripheral? It looked like a laptop, and you would wave your hands in front of it in order to make your character move... yeah, it worked even worse than the Power Glove.


Oh, and about the Revolution controller, WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!




The look of the controller is definitely a turn-off, but seeing what you can do with it? OMFG!

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I found a picture of R.O.B. , I never got a chance to play with one but I remember playing the other game he was needed for (it is the one behind him in the picture) and my cousin told me you had to have a robot to play it. It's too bad R.O.B. was phased out by making the AI in the games smarter. Maybe in the next fifty years we will see a robot that has enough AI to play a NES and understand what it is doing.



I found this little interview with R.O.B. that covers his life and demise ...

R.I.P. R.O.B 1985 - 1988 http://www.nesplayer.com/nintend-o-vision/ROB.htm


Robotic Operating Buddy

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