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Quiznos vs Schlotsky's


Who makes the best sandwich  

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  1. 1. Who makes the best sandwich

    • Quiznos
    • Schlotsky's
    • Other

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So who makes the better sandwich? I haven't tried Subway's new toasted subs. I haven't eaten there in years. If you have another place (nationaly) name it. I'm going w/ the Schlotsky original deluxe...although the steakhouse from Quiznos I ate earlier was damn good.

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Since I'm hungry, am just about to have lunch.... thought I'd give this good Big BUMP and all...


I love Quizno's since (here at least), they were The First Chain to toast their subs and sandwiches for the GP.


Don't go there to much anymore. And unfortunately, the Schlot is nowhere near us'n here in Western Canuck Land.


Boo hoo.

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Schlotskys? What the hell is that? I've only heard of Sub Way and Quiznos, and out of those two, Quiznos is my favorite. Their angus beef/cheddar/grilled thing is the best sandwich on the planet.


funny you say that, they (at least used to) have one in your hometown.


Good question! It is totally sandwich-dependant IMO.

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I saw this thread and immediatly the Schlotskys itch hit me. Best sandwich ever: The Original. I remember seeing this thread forever ago when I worked closer to Schlotskys and I ate lunch there that day. Good advertising!


Schlotskys started in Austin, TX years ago and franchised. They started to dissapear, and then thankfully someone brought it back with Schlotsky's Deli in the early or mid ninties.


Anyone remember those annoying Suzanne Vega-ish commercials about the bread?

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Am I the only one who missed those messed up looking rodent things?




"They have a pepper bar...."


if you liked that, you should check out this site... www.rathergood.com


the videos are stupid, but funny at the same time.


and as for the question, i have never been to schlotskys, but i have been to quiznos. i dont really like quiznos, the food tastes like something i can make at home.

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