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Oakwood Amusement Park[RCT3]

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In 1989 the Oakwood Amusement park was built. It started out as a small family owned park with a mainstreet, and a ferris wheel. The family had to sell the park due to money troubles. A buyer was found not to long after. He wanted to expand the park with a major attraction, A Schwarzkopf looping roller coaster named Century. Century was a big hit although it was a major investment. The park fell into again money troubles. Oakwood was put up for sale for the second time in its life. A buyer was never found and 15 years later this is what has become of it.


Looking out above the trees, some large structures can be seen.


This is Oakwood Amusement Park. The entrance, and Market Street's buildings have faded. It's not very secure. So I ventured inside.


The old bell tower. It has lost most of its exterior stucco, and the wood framing is all that is left.


Looking over to the left of Market Street is Century the roller coaster that tossed this park into abandonment.


It was a thrilling ride, Century was originally red and white. It is now faded and rusting.


The coaster looms over the trashed pathway below.


One of Century's trains. Stuck on the final brake run, left to rust.


Well whats this? Someone else is exploring the park, but what for?

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i305rocks-Thank you.


fraroc-Thanks, I like taking different approaches to parks.



Well, it looks like the person we saw exploring the park last time was exploring to buy.


Not much has happened here since last time.


I don't believe I showed you the ferris wheel. The only thing left are the a-frames.


But wait looks like something may have happened after all.


Century's station has been restored except for the original paint colors.


Some of Century's track has been re-painted blue,and white.


Hopefully next time we will hear some news about who bought the park.

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Kian-Thank you.


Hello again! I am really excited to show you two things that have changed in the park.


The forever changed skyline from the parking lot.


The new log flume, Sawmill Falls, is testing and almost ready for re-opening day!


We have installed lockers for those who have belongings that can't get wet.


Century has gotten new track, and a new sign!


The station, and sign for Sawmill Falls.


Final preparations are in order for opening day! We just have to pass inspection!

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It's time for re-opening day! Everything is in place, and we passed final inspection.


Guests arrived very early. I guess they've always wanted to come back!


Later in the day the park was packed! I couldn't believe how many people knew about this park.


Many people headed over to Century.


I would've ridden myself but It looked too intense.


Sawmill Falls was doing pretty well also. It was a very hot day so I rode.


Even the Ferris Wheel was popular.


I got a great shot of Century coming down the first drop.


Festivities continued on through the night.


I decided to head out at about 9:40, it was getting late.


See you next time!

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Oh come on no comments?


Today everyone I have some unfortunate news. Century has been closed for the rest of the season.


This is where it happened. Some idiotic teenager was having fun by hanging below the rails above the queue. One of Century's trains rolled over and took the boy's left hand. The parents are suing.


How are we going to stay open? Our star attraction is closed, and its getting to cold for some to ride Sawmill Falls.


There is no train to roll down the first hill.


There are no screams echoing across the forests.


Will we see Century next season? I don't know. Although we can invest in a small flat ride for next season.


Hope to see you all next time.

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Well this was an amazing sight. So many people were in the park today.


And land has been cleared for a new park expansion.


Looks like Sawmill Falls was doing pretty well


Of course I can understand why.


The line was nearly out of the queue. 50 min. wait!


If we don't win the lawsuit Century will have to be removed.


I hope to see you next uodate, we will make the park expansion announcement and if we won the lawsuit or not.

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Re: Schwarzkopf coaster design.


People tend to think that the 'box beam' look was common- which it was not. Only two Schwarzkopf coasters used the box-beam structuring system, and no retrofits were created.


Secondly, and this is where I have to raise a realism/authenticity statement: You don't have to retrack a steel coaster. It's a bit over-done, and in the end, you'd be better off having stuck to keeping the track- and simply repainting it. Overlaying more Schwarzkopf track simply removes the element of realism in a park, and in a lot of ways doesn't quite 'work' with the idea.



Schwarzkopf High Priest

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texas5091-Yes indeed I hope so.

Voxelmatic- Yes the teen was an idiot, and had no common sense.

QueerRudie- This was in fact suggested to me by Tomes1225, I trust his judgement.


Hello everyone I have some great news! Century will remain in the park. We won the lawsuit. There were park signs all over the queue line specifically telling guests to not climb on the coaster


Overlooking the park, the skyline will remain the same


Century is remaining, for now at least.


Sawmill falls was a big hit. That's exactly what this park needed.


A new building has been completed for Market Street


The entrance to our new area, The Oakwood Forests


The only building that will be in the Oakwood Forests for opening day.


We have gotten a brand new attraction named Downdraft. Just in case another attraction closes unexpectedly.


That is all I have to show you for this update.

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