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The BEST roller coaster view EVER???

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Not the best view but you do get awesome views of the Rangers Ball Park and Cowboys Stadium from N.T.G and Titan


Pffft, Cowboys Stadium. Booooooring! My Giants have no roof in the meadowlands. They play like the champions they are!


Granted, no coasters overlook their land of glory, but it's still pretty, haha.

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Hong Kong? Cowboy stadium? Clearly you've never experienced the views of incredibly-scenic Buena Park from the peak of Xcelerator's top hat. Now that's a view...


In all seriousness, probably the best view I've had from a ride, albeit a non-coaster, is the view from the top of Marineland's S&S tower, with the view of the falls. If you squint hard enough, you can even count all off the cheesy tourist traps lingering on the Canadian side!

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Both views are stunning and wonderful - they say there are some views and places with traveling to see. Those two images show an example of what you can see and look at when you take the risks and travel. As for them being on roller coasters - that just makes it even MORE beautiful and scenic. Those are a reason why I should travel more with TPR, because, you might just never know what'll come up or what you will see.

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I Followed your trip reports every day, living vicariously through you. I have seen photos and videos on the travel channel but nothing beats what I witnessed over that drop. The height and visual stimulation you must have recieved going down any one of those hills, damn!!! Amazeballs!!

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