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NEWS: Cowabunga Bay coming to Las Vegas!

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Hey Shane.


Quick question here. As far as management is concerned, do you take into account what the other park opening across the valley will be putting in as far as attractions go? I ask this, as it seems that your team seems to be consciously trying to differ yourselves from them. Which would make sense to me, as you are both trying to capture the same market. However, you mentioned a while back that you came in on this deal after some, if not all, of the attractions were already planned out. Did your partners already know what "the other guys" were putting in and changed their plan already, or are you watching what they plan and countering, or +ing up your attractions to compete? Or, is it pure coincidence that your park is honestly shaping up to look infinitely better, infinitely nicer, and infinitely more fun.


I'm just thinking out loud here Shane, and wanted to get your input as the operator. If you can't talk about these things, I totally understand. I know you can't just be throwing your marketing strategy onto the internet tubes for all to see. Just thought I would pick your brain.


Regardless, I'm looking forward to seeing your project rise from the desert. It is looking beautiful so far.

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I heard about Wet n Wild first, and I was amped. Vegas went way too long without a waterpark.


The I started hearing about Cowabunga Bay; I was interested, but honestly more excited for WnW.

Then I started to read up on the great reception of the Utah park; my interest was building.

WnW revealed a few "firsts" (for the US, at least). It moved out into the lead.

Then came news of the Polin Surfari going into Henderson; CB takes the lead!

As I heard more details of the CB Vegas park, coupled with the high regard for the Utah park, I started anticipating visits to CB more than WnW.



Now, it's like, Wet n what???


After the most recent updates, I am officially FAR more stoked for Cowabunga Bay. I have a strong suspicion that after the upcoming announcement, I'll be even more so. Looks like pure, undiluted, distilled awesome sauce! A big thanks for making this happen!


Any chance you'll offer NightSlides, or some evening hours? When it's 100 at night in the summer, a waterpark visit would be perfect!

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Hey guys, I am really appreciating all the comments on the park. I will try to get around to answering some of your questions when I have a little more free time. WIth the big announcement o Tuesday I have been working all hours of the day to make sure we pull it off to perfection. However I do have a little time to share another exclusive preview look at more slides. These are the tubes slides. Oh did I mention that tubes will be FREE at Cowabunga Bay!




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^^Agreed. The colors really stand out. Love the variety too. Tornado style and toilet bowl style. Can't wait for the full announcement, and to see the finished product (as if I needed another reason to go to Vegas )

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Oh did I mention that tubes will be FREE at Cowabunga Bay!


Not being a big waterpark fan, are there many places where this is not the case? Seems the few I've been to, it was all included. I will have to say though, I'll probably actually check this place out sometime not in the height of summer.

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That complex looks awesome!


And it will be even more awesome knowing that it's from Polin, that way we know that it will shine like a brad new car on the outside, thanks to their RTM technology, used on 100% of their slides.


I recently was at a brad new water park in Egypt, were everything was made Polin, and man water slides has never looked so good.


Just look at their big bowls, shines just like a new car. No other in the industry can do that.

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^^ think that last image/rendering is flipped L-R? (or the first two are?)


Either way, all looking very nice!


Yes, you are correct. I took a little artistic license and flipped it so the logo would fit better. I didn't think anyone would notice. You can't slip anything by TPR.

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Oh did I mention that tubes will be FREE at Cowabunga Bay!


Not being a big waterpark fan, are there many places where this is not the case? Seems the few I've been to, it was all included. I will have to say though, I'll probably actually check this place out sometime not in the height of summer.

Most parks provide them for the attractions that require them (tube slides), but rent them out if you want one for a non tube attraction like a lazy river or wave pool.

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Okay, I think this place is going to blow Wet n Wild out of the water. It already looks better than anywhere else I've visited except possibly Splashin' Safari. I may not make it here for opening season, but as soon as the opportunity presents itself I'll make it out here. Depending on the state of construction, I might have to make a detour during one of my Utah ski trips just to see these amazing-looking rides in person (even if from a distance behind a fence).


I can't wait for the official announcement of everything that this park will offer. It seems somewhat like a North American showcase for Polin and definitely seems to have a different style than most other waterparks, offering a new take on well-known attractions.

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Water park executives Shane Huish and Jim Hunt worked together years ago at theme park operator Paramount Parks. Now, they will go head to head in Southern Nevada as competitors on two water park projects.


Huish, general manager of the Cowabunga Bay Water Park in Draper, Utah, will break ground today on Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas near the Galleria at Sunset mall in Henderson. The $23 million, '60s beach-themed water park will be located on 23 acres at Galleria Drive and Gibson Road. Henderson Mayor Andy Hafen is scheduled to speak at the groundbreaking.


Hunt works for the Wet ‘n’ Wild water park that's under construction in Summerlin. Huish was approached to be a partner in that project but declined.


Huish said he thinks Las Vegas is large enough to sustain both attractions. “The Las Vegas market is so big and underserved that there’s plenty to share,” he said. “I think without them here, we’d be a huge success. But by splitting the market, we’ll just be a big success.”


The distance between the parks works favorably for Cowabunga Bay, Huish said. “It’s great that we’re on opposite ends of town,” Huish said. “I fully expect the public will try out both of them.”


Cowabunga will have at least one huge draw: the first-of-its-kind Wild Surf. Four riders will cling to a tube and be thrust from 50 feet in the air into the world’s largest man-made wave, Huish said.


Three themed areas will pay tribute to iconic American surfing locales: Aloha Shores, which will have a Hawaiian flavor and include a children's play area; Surf City USA, featuring a retro California look; and the Boardwalk, an homage to Atlantic City’s Jersey Shore.


A 33,000-square-foot wave pool will be the park's centerpiece, and clusters of tubes and slides — some for single riders, some for multiple riders — will dot the park. There also will be a lazy river.


Cowabunga Bay's tallest attraction will be a multi-lane racing slide that will send riders on a 55-foot head-first plunge into a pool.


The entire park is being master-planned and plumbed for future attractions, so expansion is possible, Huish said.


Cowabunga Bay and Wet ‘n’ Wild hope to open by Memorial Day. “We want to be open as soon as we can,” Huish said.


Owners haven’t set daily admission prices, but Huish said sales will begin soon on season passes, which will cost $75 per person or $70 per person for a family of four or more. Prices will vary for customers taller than 48 inches, children under 48 inches and people older than 60. Children younger than 2 will get in free, and admission will include access to inner tubes for rides.


Once the facility is ready, it will be open daily between Memorial Day and Labor Day and on weekends a few weeks before and after those holidays.


The park was conceived several years ago by local developers Shawn Hassett and brothers Ben and Marv Howell, who secured the land and permits for the project. They teamed with the Huish Entertainment Group earlier this year. The project has been in the works for about two years.


Cowabunga Bay won’t allow customers to bring their own food into the park, but Huish said there will be picnic areas outside the park’s gates and two restaurants inside with VIP cabanas and table service. The restaurants will be named Bullwinkle’s Boardwalk Eats and Rocky’s Beachside Café. Huish's company owns the rights to the Jay Ward cartoon characters Rocky and Bullwinkle.


“We’re not talking just popcorn and corn dogs here,” Huish said. “There will be a nice variety of food, including hamburgers, pizza, paninis and wraps.”


Owners also are working on getting a liquor license.


The park also will feature a system that allows people to avoid standing in line. For an additional fee, a computer will hold your place in line for rides and alert you via waterproof wristband when your turn is up. Online reserved seating will also be available for restaurants and lounges.


Huish’s team has plenty of theme park experience. In addition to the water park in Draper, just off Interstate 15 between Salt Lake City and Provo, his family runs three Family Fun Centers, two in suburban Seattle and one near Portland, Ore.


The project is expected to create several hundred construction jobs and 500 seasonal jobs.


As for construction, the Wet ‘n’ Wild park has a head start. Earth movers already dot the property on Fort Apache Road near the Sunset Road exit of the Beltway in southwest Las Vegas.


Wet ‘n’ Wild is majority owned by Australian entertainment company Village Roadshow Ltd. Retired Las Vegas tennis star Andre Agassi is an investor.









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