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Bandit- Knex Intamin Launched Invert

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Damn I love tubes....






This the first half of an Immelmann Loop by the way. Sorry, but it is going to be a custom launched invert, not a Volcano recreation or an Impulse. I felt there would be too many problems with either, but I would love to one day build an Impulse coaster differently than RWT's. I have a few ideas than I may test out on this once its done. Enjoy!

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So its been over a month I figured you guys deserve to see what I've been doing. I have been building pretty slowly but I've still managed to "figure out" this inverted coaster stuff, I could still use some help on the shaping. Anyway, pictures bellow:








A dive over the launch is not yet complete. But I can say that the pull out of the dive should be perpendicular to the launch and will got into a 180* overbank. I'm still working out the ending but I plan on having a large inline twist or two in the layout. The nice part about any Intamin coaster is you have a lot of freedom when it comes to the layout. Enjoy!

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^Not yet but.....


I know its been a while but, the Heartline line roll is finally done. Laterals will be added to all of the support in the turn once I figure out where the prelaunch is going. Its a little rough in places as a result. I'm debating where the station will be. Anyway, pics!










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