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The RCT/RCT2 Preview Thread

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the ghost : I'm looking forward to seeing more of this project. It seems like it will turn out good!

imawesome1124 : That looks like a really good start. You've mixed sets around well. Looking forward to seeing more!



I know I've posted in here a lot lately but I'm really looking forward to sharing this project and seeing it grow. It's the closest I've ever felt to a project in RCT2 before


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Some recent updates about new rides & attractions at Pirate Cove on Screamscape...


??? - WaveRider - Now Open - (10-12) - The new Trabant going into Pirate Cove called WaveRider has officially opened.


??? - Kiddie Cove Revamp - Pt. 2 - Rumor - (10-12) - Screamscape sources have told me that a sign that says "Last Chance" has erected in front of Adventure to the Lost Cove. Anyone else know more?




??? - Kiddie Cove Revamp - Pt. 2 - Rumor - (10-13) - More rumors are floating around claiming that this may be the last year for Adventure to the Lost Cove. One reader suggested that the ride may be going under a mini-rehab assignment to make a little more room for something new for Kiddie Cove. Stay tuned.

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Really? You couldn't take the time to finish enough of that area to produce anything more than a 158 by 99 image?


I understand it's the preview thread, but, be reasonable here. I have to squint to see anything.

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Is it me or is there a lack of people replying to screens in here? In the terms that some people just ignore what's been posted directly above them and post their own screen


Anyhoo, Xtreme, I love that screen, the zip line looks great, I'd also ignore those that have said to colour the rockwork grey as it looks perfect as it is, the rocks blend into the landscaping here, they don't stick out like a sore thumb like they would if they were grey. It's great to see you improving.

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^This site's gaming community isn't anywhere near as active as it is on NE. This is primarily a site to discuss parks, but there is an RCT2/3 and NL section because a good number of people are interested in that. I should have a new screen to show later today, but stepping out of my comfort zone can get frustrating at times.

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I love love love seeing folks' projects on here, as when I am not online to witness the vast numbers of others doing the same thing, I feel like I am the only person left who still plays RCT/RCT2 religiously.


I've been trying to create interesting custom parks over the past few years on RCT2; though my desktop that plays RCT2 is currently packed away due to moving, and thus I can't offer screenshots beyond the few that I already have, my crown jewels thus far have been "Alma's Realm", a gigantic park with intricate details based upon Merideth Ann Pierce's phenomenal Firebringer Trilogy (took me quite a long time to get the landscaping right on it, and I STILL don't have a park nice enough to show off from the scenario! Expect it though) ; "Six Flags Dixie Dreams", a selfish little wish fulfilment park that puts a Six Flags park in my thrill-starved state (as if they'd put one in so close to SFOG! Ha!); "Trackside Farms", which is a relatively realistic park that I made based on a scaled-up layout of a fifty-something acre chicken farm we once owned before losing it after it financially tanked (repaying a massive loan is one of the goals of the scenario, I am so clever); "Friendshipland" which takes off any man-points I may have had and will probably only be appreciated by a few other select people in this forum ahahaha; and a few other big, mostly wooded parks I made so I could eventually build massive coasters in it. Yep.


I don't have any overviews of the parks at the moment but I do have a few random shots on the flash drive of some moments in parks I am working on. I don't even know if this is the appropriate thread for such things, but I'm new so bear with me and don't ban me for TOO many years or I might forget my password and stuff. Also, of note, my parks contain very little custom or downloaded scenery beyond a few things I snagged a few years back; therefore most of the landscaping is pretty basic in-game stuff - it's not going to be as fancy as those who can actually make their own awesome scenery and landscaping ideas. That said, let's crash browsers with a few screenshots from SFDD, shall we?



From humble beginnings, Six Flags Dixie Dreams. I wasn't a landscaping expert when I made the gates, to say the least, so don't sue me plz, it was a long time ago, I am better now. Sort of.


Winrar! (Objectives aren't that hard, these parks are mostly for my own amusement)


... and we keep playing until the whole landscape is a spaghetti bowl full of roller coaster tracks running every which way. That's the way nearly all my parks wind up - not that realistic because I'm sure that a REAL park wouldn't think it financially feasible to add like 59 coasters within its borders. We can dream though. Incredibly, this shot is BEFORE I added most of the BIG coasters to the park. It's on like year 120 now, but I don't have the shots at the moment. Watch this space.


BONUS, from the awesome Sefton Towers scenario that I downloaded years ago: When 'Big Dipper' just doesn't cut it. And I'm not that great at ride naming, obviously.


This I think fits into the 'previews' section nicely because this is what the parks look like after younger me has had a few hundred hours at the helm - now I'm much more experienced with park construction, and I will soon (after the desktop gets hooked back up of course) show what these very parks look like after I start from scratch trying to make them realistic and/or memorable. So it's more of a 'this is how I used to build parks now let's compare THESE shots to those that I make in the coming years' thing.

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^This site's gaming community isn't anywhere near as active as it is on NE. This is primarily a site to discuss parks, but there is an RCT2/3 and NL section because a good number of people are interested in that. I should have a new screen to show later today, but stepping out of my comfort zone can get frustrating at times.


Oh I know that and completely understand that, but surely the fact that there is still a gaming forum here suggests people want to share screens and feedback with each other. If people are posting screens here they are asking for feedback, so surely when someone else posts a screen people should feel a need to give feedback on them as they would hope to get feedback on their own.


If that makes sense of course I mean what I was directly referring to was earlier in this topic when someone had posted a screen and someone else had come along and posted a screen straight after without even giving any sort of feedback to what the person above had posted.

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