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Media Night at Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

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With Robb and Elissa off to China, Renee and I headed to the Magic Kingdom to check out this year's Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party! Huge thanks goes out to the park for hosting us. This is my personal favorite event other than Food & Wine, so I was very exciting to go and cover this year's offerings. Without any further ado, lets look at the photos!


Before you even enter the park you are greeted with many a signage and decorations for MNSSHP!


Picking up our media credentials!


In addition to the map and guide for this year's event, the park gave us (much to Renee's delight) a special Vinylmation!


Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! My favorite taste of the fall season.


The candy collecting bags for this year are decked out in advertising for Frakenweenie! Interested to see this film based on its killer soundtrack.


And here we are in the park! Main street is definitely the most decorated area of the park.


They had many "pumpkin creatures" around the entrance area, but of course the baseball player in me liked this one the best!


Just in case you forgot what we are here for ;)


Love the little touches like these pumpkins on top of the ice cream parlor.


It wouldn't be a trip to the Magic Kingdom without a picture with the castle! And while pretty busy on main street, the rest of the park wasn't too bad at all.


Before even being tempted by candy, a Dole Whip was calling our names.


Speaking of candy, at our first stop in Adventureland we were handed a banana! We all actually ate them later in the night so it was much appreciated ;)


Of course all of the attractions are up and running too, with no wait times at all!


The girls enjoyed their ride on Pirates.


Of course with the Halloween season comes NEW MERCHANDISE!


Halloween stuff is really cool.


Renee picks out her favorites.


Back outside, it was time for some trick-or-treating! Just spot these giant globes for candy...


...as Renee demonstrates here.


Around the park there are a ton of other nice touches, such as fog. It was almost like nightmaze in Adventureland!


Have to love the lighting effects on the ground.


Another one for the count.


Even Big Thunder Mountain gets dressed up.


The highlight of trick-or-treating is definitely one of two "trails" where there are 3 candy stations in a row =)


Trick or treat!


Just playin' some hopskotch on the way out.


We passed on Big Thunder due to time, but as you can see here, there really is no wait!


Heading back across the park to Haunted Mansion.


This is my favorite character out on the streets during the event! She is hilarious.


Here is your blurry, going to ride Haunted Mansion shot :)


Does it feel like Halloween now?


More candy!


...and then we ran into these guys.


I'm just going to leave this here.


Best Halloween costume ever? With working voice changer and speakers too


I really love Magic Kingdom at night. In case you didn't know, MNSSHP runs until midnight.


Adam!!! Construction walls have moved around this week.


The dueling Dumbos are really nice. Love the new indoor queue play area!


The other awesome candy spot was back here in Storybook Circus.


And the other candy trail was on the path connecting Storybook Circus and Tomorrowland.


Giant ground projection!


Getting our popcorn ready for...




Disney fireworks are simply the best with the way they are joined by the music.


Castle projections are really cool too.




The scale of the finale is just impossible to capture. Impressive!


and the end.


How about another ride?


While Renee kicked my butt on Buzz, our special guests provided this gem of an on ride photo =)


The "main"show for MNSSHP is Villains, located right in front of Cinderella's castle.


The show consists of high paced dancing and music.


All of your favorite Villains are included.


Good, quick show that doesn't drag on too long :)


I really like the castle in orange.


The Headless Horseman roaring through Frontierland can only mean one thing...


It's time to end the night with Mickey's Boo to You Parade!


Renee, you have some competition!


Mickey leads off the parade.


Had to throw this one in there for a certain Australian that likes tigers ;)


From one brand of Pirates...


...to another!


My favorite part of the parade (and any Disney parade for that matter) is the grave diggers!


Haunted Mansion comes to life???


And this was quite the change of scenery!


Looks like they are having a little fun.


Just rockin' out having a good time.


This Villain creeps me out!!!


Luckily the parade ends with more candy!!!


In the end we all pretty much filled our bags :)


Goofy and his Candy Company bring up the rear.


The end! Thank you for checking it out and feel free to post your comments! It was a fantastic night out at the park and I definitely recommend checking out MNSSHP if you are in Orlando during the Halloween season!

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I'm not a huge parade fan but this one is a lot of fun. Are there any new floats, or are they all the same as the previous years?


This was only my 2nd time seeing the parade, maybe someone else can shed some more light on this???

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Boo to You Parade order 2012:


Opening "Boo to You" Cart

Character Dancers (Alice, Mad Hatter+)

Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy in a Pavillion Float

Poo Characters and Christopher Robin

Poo Float Kanga and Rabbbit

Peter Wendy and Lost Boys

Captain Hook Float

Tick Tock Crock Float

Pirates Dancers

POTC Float

Grave Diggers

Tombstone Float

Ghost Dancers (They kick ass!)

Hitchiking Ghost Float


Bear Jamboree Float

Brer Rabbit Characters

Annoying ass Chicken Float

Villains Rock Band Float

Various Dancing Villains

Villians Float

Lion King Hyenas

Pluto Car

Goofy Candy Company

Goofy Machine Float

The End.


Best Parade at Disney. The Haunted Mansion people are so good. They have to add in Tower of Terror next year, it would probably be just as awesome.

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This is definitely the best "up charge" event Disney does IMO. Short lines, great fun, and awesome shows! I'm not usually a parade person, but that damn "boo to you" song is just too catchy to avoid!

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We skipped out on the California version last year. Seemed to be a mistake judging by the TR of this one...it actually seems really entertaining, and a great contrast to events like Halloween Horror Nights. Plus, no lines=


Also, not gonna blame you for thinking Facilier is creepy.

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Yeah seems to be basically the same order as every other year, which isn't a bad thing.


As much as I do love the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween event I do wish Disney would step up their game and put on a production of "The Rocky Horror Muppet Show", that would be awesome......

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I really wish we lived closer so that we could take the girls to this. It's nice to have a Halloween event that's family friendly!


This! I can't think of a more perfect Halloween event for families with younger children. They all seem to love it!!! So many characters and candy haha.

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You know, Texas, I hate to admit it, but those were some of the best pictures I've ever seen! Good job, Bro! It also didn't hurt that most of them were of "Alice"...


Very impressive photography. It's so hard to really capture night shots and do justice to the event.

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I was leaving as you were both entering the park, I was going to come and say hi but, I kinda cowered out of it last second haha.


Just thought you might want to see another perspective of the fireworks show at the end of the night, it was just an incredible view from the Grand Floridian. I would probably estimate the fireworks spanned half a mile across? It was just phenomenal. Can you see the bottom right hand white building? That's Space mountain, the scale of it was unreal!



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