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Orlando/Port Canaveral Transportation


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I posted this in the "Cruising" thread, but welcome advice from any of you good people of the Orlando area!!


Need a little advice..... We were supposed to take a Carnival Klassy Cruise out of Tampa in June with my daughter's dance team. Long story, short, it got cancelled by the dance studio leaving us really bummed. (Even though it was gonna be Carnival, we have never been on a cruise and due to a variety of personal crap have done very little traveling in the last 10 years.) I went to AAA the other day and looked into a Royal Caribbean cruise out of Port Canaveral the same week of June that we would have been going on the other trip. It would be a 4 night cruise, and we would like to fly into the Orlando area on the Friday before so that we can take in Magic Kingdom and Sea World, as Sammi has never been since they got rid of ours here in Ohio.


Here is the dilemma.... Hubby and I both agree we would rather fly than drive, but it seems like there are limited and VERY EXPENSIVE options for transportation around the area once we would get there. A rental car would be fine, but the cheaper companies insist on a major credit card, which right now neither of us carry for economic reasons, and I can't justify spending several hundred dollars on a car that is going to sit in a lot at the port for 4 days. The taxis and town cars are sooooo stinking expensive. I can't fathom spending $200+ just for a 1 hour car ride. What a racket!!


Any ideas, comments or advice would be welcome. Thanks!!


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RCCL has transfers for sale that will probably run the three of you about $100. If you look on some of the cruising boards (I prefer cruisecritic.com) you can find information on some of the independent companies that will be a better deal and give you better service.


For getting around Orlando, you really are at the mercy of the Mears Monopoly and it will be expensive. Can you rent a car with a debit card through priceline or any of those sites? Really that will be your best option.

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