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Trip to Texas in December


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I'm thinking about planning a trip to Six Flags Over Texas, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, and SeaWorld San Antionio over winter break in December. I need to know:


1. What are the temperatures like?

2. Are all the rides open?

3. What are the lines like?



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I've been to Holiday in the Park for the past few years and really enjoyed myself. Temperatures get cold-ish, but nothing unbearable. It rarely gets below freezing. Expect for it to be in the 40s or 50s most days. Usually the Gotham City section is the only one closed, so you won't be able to ride Mr. Freeze or Batman. Lines are short, typically. If you go on a weekend, it will be busier, but I've never had to wait more than 20 minutes for anything during HitP.

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Yep, that list looks pretty accurate to me! New Texas Giant and Titan will definitely be open, and unless it happens to rain a lot, all of the other coasters should be open as well. If it rains enough to flood the creek, then Runaway Mine Train and Shockwave could potentially be closed, but chances of that in December are pretty slim.

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What about Fiesta Texas in December? Which of their coasters will be closed?


If I remember correctly, Superman, Rattler, Boomerang and Pandemonium were closed last year. Goliath was open for sure, and so was Road Runner Express, but I can't remember if Poltergeist was open or not. Basically, the only things worth seeing/doing at Holiday in the Park for SFFT are the shows. I'm hoping that they'll have more coasters open this year.

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Narkitty: thanks for all your help.




Is that ride list accurate? It says Goliath, Boomerang, Road Runner, and Pandemonium were open. That means Poltergeist, Superman, and Rattler would have been closed....


Also, have you done SeaWorld San Antonio in December? In which case, are all their coasters operating?


I'm thinking about doing a 3-park, 3-day trip right after Christmas.

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Sorry for the delayed reply! I think that list is accurate. I rarely ride Pandemonium, so I don't remember for sure if it was open or not. The other three are accurate, though. I've been to Sea World in December only a couple of times, and not in the past 5 years. When I went the last time (maybe 2004) they had both coasters open. If you want to go for reasons other than just roller coasters (the shows, animals, etc) I'd say to go for it. Steel Eel is a fun coaster, but Great White is just another B:TR clone. I wouldn't plan a trip there solely for the rides.

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