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College Major for Ride Mechanic


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So I've been looking into colleges and what my plans are for next school year. I have the general idea that I want to work in the theme park business, and am leaning towards being a ride mechanic. What do I need to do to become just that? Is there a specific major in college that could help me work my way up to that position? Any help would be great.

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I would disagree with physics, as a college major, it's going to be far into the theoretical. Mech or electrical engineering degree would definitely be of value, but even then it might be overkill.


If you're looking to be a mechanic, becoming a certified electrician, learning mechanical maintenance, and getting some sort of certification in Allen Bradley Ladder Logic or other PLC system would seem to be what you really need. A trade school or community college probably has everything you need, you just need to find the right one. The big parks will also do internships in maintenance with their current maintenance guys as mentors. I know for sure that Cedar Point had quite a few maintenance apprentices when I was there.

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Thank you for the information, this is all very helpful. At the moment I am planning to attend community college. A few months ago I signed up for an ROP course through my high school for a "job shadowing" at Knotts, where I would get school credits and paid. I'll need to look into that more, hopefully that could help me get on track with what you described.

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Thank you so much for the replies! I will keep all of those in mind. One quick question, would an auto mechanic be going in the wrong direction?


I missed this the first time, but to answer that question: absolutely not. I know of at least 2 great ride technicians who got their start at the SFMM auto shop and worked their way up into their current rules. Rides function in much the same way as cars, with pumps, gears, belts, electrical control systems, and so on.

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