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Adventure City getting new coaster for 2013?

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Pictures from 12/21, you can see the chain is indeed installed, as well as they have put the cover over the chain on the bottom portion, the covers for the rest of the chain are sitting under the lift. Also, concrete has been poured and some of the station is starting to take shape. Pictures...



Chain complete.


Some covers installed








Not much left in here.


I would like a roll of this tape.


Should be ready to ride in no time.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Stopped by to see progress on RR this week and found the ADA ramp being built. I believe this will also be the entrance, they chose a ramp over an elevator with the idea that this would also be easier for children, who make up the majority of their visitors. Also, the foundation for the station is poured, and being a steel building, should go up quickly once the ramp is completed. The cars have yet to make an aprearance, I'm told they are still in bubble wrap and probably will remain that way until the last minute. So, small update, and pictures...



New signs ready to be put up when the coaster is finished.


Trash cans will even get a make over too.


What looks like a wall in the background is actually the ADA ramp, you can see the bricks are cut at an angle.


Making quick work of it, should take about a week.


Once the brick is layed another crew will come and finish the ramp.


The ramp is literally right on the fence.



This red guy is to check proper clearance.


Train track had to be moved to clear the supports. It will make the train ride a lot more interesting.


They will actually dig down in this area to get more clearance under the track. You'll walk under here.


Foundation for the station is poured. The actual building will be a steel structure, should go up quickly.


Next week should start to see this look nearly complete. They said they are not setting any date, trying to get things done properly rather than rush. So check back next week for some major progress. Thanks for looking, leave a comment!

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I'm still in aw that this project is actually happening. It's FANTASTIC to see a super duper small park like Adventure City put together such a "big kid" ride. I love it.


Gerstlauer seems to be putting together some great family coasters lately (i.e. FireChaser Express and this). I'd love to see even more of their family coasters pop up around the U.S. in the future.

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Okay, so I went and took pictures over a week ago...and never posted them. Well, got ill, my kids had school projects, and I'm lazy too. Now, back on track, I went down to take some new pictures and found that there wasn't a ton of progress. There was rain off and on, so maybe that contributed, plus the stuff they are doing is subtle and I don't think you'd notice it in pictures. So, I decided to use my "old" pictures and then maybe head back next week, maybe get a peek at the cars, which are on the track. They plan to leave the cars covered until all the surrounding work is complete, just to be safe. So, here's an update.



Cars on the track, I wish I was there to see them go on, but...


I see you!


Easy peasy steel building going up fast.


Ramp is ready to be completed.


Ramp is a little more complete than this, might have a picture of it, but until then...use your imagination.


A little better view of the station.


Export from Germany, if I could only tell from where?



I need a roll of that tape, lol. Okay, so look for big things coming up, should start to look complete soon. Thanks for looking.

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Took a trip back to Adventure City for an update and found quite a bit of work going on. Different crews working on different projects like busy bees. The slabs for the loading/unloading area of the station are done, as well as the rebar and framing in place for the ADA ramp, which will be poured tomorrow. Gates are up, as well as the "Rewind Racers" sign. Some block walls are going in to finish off the area around the coaster and some wooden slats are being attached to the fence. They also started pouring footers to start finishing off the entrance. I'm told that the station should start getting skinned next week, and they are thinking April, possibly late March for the project to be complete.






More footers going in as they start to finish off the entrance and station.



Gates are up, slab is poured.


The skin should start going up on the station next week.


Sign is up.


Looking good from the street.


ADA ramp will be poured tomorrow. So, look for that update soon.




Privacy wall going up.


Block walls finishing off the border of the coaster.



Remember...there's TWO credits at this park.


Well, there you have it. Should be an update in the next week or so. Ramp should be finished, station should be skinned, work should be started on the entrance, etc.. Really getting close to being finished. Thanks for looking.

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Great ongoing coverage, Caesar!


I am wondering, though. Just an observation.


Are there still plans to put that "garage" up on

top where the lift hill and dead-end hill are?


Artwork shows it, and I was still curious.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Checking in on Rewind Racers. Been trying to get some shots of cars on the track, but there have been workers everywhere the last couple of visits. Anyway, the ramp was poured a week ago, the slab for the exit/entrance was being finished and the station is up. Blue walls are going up arond the park, so getting "drive by" pictures is going to be a little more difficult. Here's a few pictures, nothing major, but it's so close to being done!



Cement poured for the entrance/exit.


Exit ramp poured and cured last weekend.


Why would they need privacy walls?


The station from the street. The blue walls are slowly making their way around the whole front of the park.


Anyone know what this is?


And by popular demand...footers and dirt.


A wood fence around Freeway Coaster.


A better look at the station.


As always, thanks for looking...leave a comment!

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  • 4 weeks later...

Well, after Mexico what does one do? You go check on Rewind Racers! Headed over to Adventure City and saw the train making it's way up the lift...YAY TESTING! Since the walls have gone up on one side of the park I can't get shots from the street anymore. So, in I went and they were nice enough to let me inside to get some pictures. Lots of work has been done, landscaping, fences, concrete, etc.. There is some work being done to finish the station, but at this point it's pretty much complete except for a few details. And pictures...



Coaster is testing!


All the way up!


Block wall and entry way. Nice fence has gone up.


Exit down the ramp, enter up the stairs. Pretty sure that's how it works.















Nice blue fence and landscaping going on. Six Flags could really learn from these guys!


Water wise plants, very nice.



And there you go, a real life operating roller coaster! Can't wait to ride it! Hopefully the next report will be from the front seat. Thanks for looking, leave a comment!

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Great to see progress on this ride. It looks like it could be ready to open in just a couple weeks. I'll need to stop by this park on one of my Knott's visits to ride Rewind Racers, possibly when I go to check out Voyage to the Iron Reef next month.

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Posted a video to TPR's Facebook page yesterday. I'll try to get one up here, but my Internet connection has been pretty worthless as of late. Didn't get a chance to ask about an opening date, kind of walked me over and went back to testing. But other than details the coaster is pretty complete.

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