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[NL] Gurubashi

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Hey all!


So I'm currently working on several no limits projects, but this is pretty much my main project at the moment. I started working on Gurubashi about eight-or-so months ago and I have many more ideas for the coaster--I'm a little worried about the finish date, but we'll see!


Anyway, my goal was to create an unusual floorless coaster--whose layout and design still retain the Bolliger & Mabillard style--but built upon a thin, compact strip of land. I envisioned the coaster possessing a bit of Batman the Ride-esque "clone-ability", and so Gurubashi is *supposed* to be just one example of the various ways this floorless model could be integrated into a park. The coaster is far from complete so here are only a few shots of what has been done so far, let me know what you think and feel free to give suggestions/critiques:


(I have yet to venture into custom 3ds scenery yet, but hope to in the near future.)





Lift hill.


Drop through an Inclined Loop.


Turnaround over the thoroughfare.


And a glimpse of the queue & station :)


By the way, you may recognize the name from a certain computer game that I (thank god) no longer play.

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Thanks! And yup, the the whole coaster's been tunnel tested and (to my surprise, actually) it all cleared. There's just a section at the end where some of the scenery I'm adding definitely clips into the train's path, but that whole area is a WIP (testing out different building styles and whatnot) so I'm hoping to iron that section out a bit later

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^ Thanks! And yeah there's so many little details I'd like to add that I just can't do with the editor.


Anyway, just a lil update here of some random parts of the ride:



Inside of the station.


Coaster Madness!


Part of the queue (above) and the fast-pass queue (below).

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(Big) Update on a several parts of the coaster:


-Supporting is nearly finished. Just a couple smaller supports left and tweaking everything else.

-Starting to fill in open areas and testing out different build styles.

-Want to add a few more thematic scenery pieces.


I'm trying to clean up areas as I photograph them so that they don't look too cluttered, but as a result a lot of these photos are kinda random .



The zero-g roll over the thoroughfare, marking the entrance to the jungle-themed area of the park.


"Artsy" shot.


Corkscrew-headchopper combo.


Track "falling through broken floor" towards the end of the ride.


New fence I'm trying out that I think might be used for the more open-area fences. Open to suggestions :p


More possible railing details. Trying to find a design I can incorporate throughout the whole station.


The (very) beginning of what will, hopefully, become a tribal-themed retail store.



Here is a lil' side project that helps set the scene for Gurubashi.


And finally, the skeleton of Gurubashi ;D And also the reason I called it semi-compact.

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Wow, thank you! That means a lot; I've been wanting to post for a while now but it's been a bit of a learning/experimental experience and didn't really know if it was going to turn into anything--I'm glad you like it!


Anyway, been busy moving recently so only a minor update here:



Cool shot made possible by the path running under the zero-g roll.


Expanded that fence from the last update.


Then added a gate for backstage access.


Added fences, scenery, and paths and fixed fences.


Beginning to add a Chance Rides 'Sea Dragon' swinging ship. Had to build two (this is the second one) as the first one I built ended up being like 25 feet tall -__- . Yellow square on the right is to become a bathroom.


Current condition.


Almost done with the flooring, walls, and windows for the tribal-themed retail store.


Outside shot.

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Dang, thanks! And it's funny you say that, 'cause I often think--especially after having worked on this project--how great it would be to combine the ease of RCT-theming with the track customization and realism of No Limits (*and by ease, I mean RCT's wonderful interface from which to choose objects vs. No Limits's focus on simply the coaster itself). One day...


Anyway, I don't have a whole lot to share as I haven't worked on the coaster much this past week, so this is just a small update of what's been going on:


~Practically complete with supporting (there's like three smaller supports that I haven't got to).

~Finished the tribal-themed retail store.

~Starting to think of a design for custom catwalks.

~Working on swinging ship's queue.

~Currently have absolutely no idea how to create the main, ship-part of the swinging ship as I really don't want (or think it's even possible) to create it in the editor.


Finally done! Had some trouble deciding how to make the roof; I needed something that fit the theme but could also be created in the editor (so the ever-popular straw/thatched roof was out).



Needs to be stocked >_<


Random shot to make update more interesting.


...aaand another.


Here's the store in the editor.


And while I'm at it, here's the station, also in the editor :p (with the retail store behind).

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  • 6 months later...

Hey everyone! I am super pleased to say that Gurubashi is finally done!


Alright, so here's the spiel (I realize I'm repeating myself from earlier pages but it's been a while):


This 'model' of floorless coaster was designed to utilize a long, narrow strip of land--ideal for traversing park borders or commercial spaces (like Hollywood Dream). In Gurubashi, the coaster was constructed in a dry river bed that cut through the park, utilizing land that was previously unused by the park. In other installations, the coaster features many opportunities for potential theming. Gurubashi is an example of how this model of floorless coaster would look in a crowded park, surrounded by buildings and other rides.


I also want to note that there are definitely some sections where theming or trees intersect the train's path, but this is because of inflexibility in customization in the editor (I.E. can't trim foliage but want it to feel like dense jungle). The essence of the coaster still translates and that's what I'm most concerned about.




Manufacturer: Bolliger & Mabillard

Height: 33m (108 ft)

Max. Drop: 30m (98 ft)

Max. Speed: 54 mph

Length: 780m (2550 ft.)

Trains: 2

Inversions: 5

- Dive Loop

- Inclined Loop

- "Moving" Zero-G Roll

- Loop

- Flatspin


In addition to the coaster, the surrounding park includes:

- A Giant Frisbee-type Ride (No Specific Manufacturer)

- A Parachute-Drop Tower (Gondolas in maintenance ;P)

- A Chance Rides Swinging "Plank"

- An Action F/X Motion Simulator Theater

- 2 Retail Locations

- 2 Carnival Game Stalls

- A food stall/shaded outdoor seating.

- An Information Building


While there are lots of photos, I encourage you all to download the file from the game exchange and explore the park yourself! Gurubashi in Game ExchangeA jungle-themed B&M floorless coaster.


Inside of station.


Backside of station.


Entrance to the coaster.


Part of the queue. I would have added a chain-link fenced painted black on the part that passes by the entrance of the loop if i had the option in no limits, so for now I'm pretending the coaster is built in a perfect parallel universe where stupid people who might line jump don't exist. ;P


Fast-Pass queue entrance.




Creepy peeping.


Chance rides Swinging "Plank". :p


Coaster exit.


The food stall with shaded outdoor seating.


Carnival Game Stall.


Parachute-Drop Ride.


Frisbee Flat Ride.


The Action F/X Theater!


Information building towards the front of the park.


Turnaround next to the information building.




Overview in the other direction.


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