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NEWS: Wet'n'Wild is coming to Sydney!

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These are the first images of the attractions to be featured at Sydney's own Wet'n'Wild water park - which is being touted as the best of its kind on the planet.


Construction on the park - at Prospect adjacent to the M4 - begins today.


Due to open in December next year, the water park will feature a massive beach and the latest in waterslide technology - from a giant "tornado" ride to the world's tallest looping tube complex and a double SkyCoaster.


Wet'n'Wild Sydney will be home to a total of 42 slides and attractions. The $115 million project is set to create the equivalent of 300 full-time jobs in construction and a further 300 when it is up and running.


The first excavations began yesterday at the 25ha site, with Premier Barry O'Farrell formally commencing the construction with officials from Village Road Show Limited, which is building the project. One of the highlights of the water park will be a 150m surf pool and 70m wave pool with 3m swells.


Combined, the pools will be nearly as long as Freshwater on the northern beaches.


"This will be Australia's best beach. It's got no rips and no sharks," Wet'n'Wild Sydney general manager Chris Warhurst said.


Mr O'Farrell said that Wet'n'Wild is predicted to attract around 900,000 visitors a year - including 20 per cent from overseas and interstate - and generate more than $500 million for the NSW economy in the first 10 years of operation.


"Whichever way you look at it, this is terrific news for Sydney, it's terrific news for western Sydney," he said.


"They're about to put a beach within reach of everyone who lives in western Sydney."


But don't expect Mr O'Farrell to be the first to line up for one of the rides.


"I am not volunteering to go on any of those turbo rides," he said.


An onsite water retention pond, part of the park's environmental management plan, will cover 90 per cent of water used for amenities and irrigation at the site and water loss will be minimised through the park's "splash out" slide designs.


Village Roadshow will pay $7 million to upgrade roads around the site, which it will lease from the government. Annual visit passes will cost $79.99, with prices for single visits yet to be announced.























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Every complex they show in that video looks absolutely amazing. I'm particularly in love with the twelve-slide (eight racers and four AquaLoops) complex and the one with the Tornado, Tantrum Alley, and Tornado Wave. I just love how they incorporated those old twisting, racing slides into the normal eight-lane racers to space the helices and drops out from the looping slides!

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i used to live around 10-15 mins away from when there are building the park and well its not the best place in Sydney a lot of disadvantaged family's live in that around so i don't know how well the park will go i hope that it goes well and that other park will come to Sydney as Australia Wonderland was great

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Great to see another world-class waterpark down here. We might not have many notable coasters but at least we get the good waterparks!


Plus waterslides can be just as thrilling as rollercoasters - such as the time my family (6 adults, including the parents) decided to ride Mammoth Falls (family slide) at Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast together. We picked up enough speed that my brother got tipped out on the last turn! He was OK but they wouldn't let us buy the ride photo of our raft almost flying over the edge

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It's good news for me! I love waterparks!


In the flyover, I see...

  • A Tornado, a Tornado Wave, and a Topsy-Turvy (multiple small funnels)
  • An extended eight-lane Octopus-style mat racer and four AquaLoops
  • A Tantrum and Seven kids' slides
  • Four mat speed slides, a Boomerango, a MegaTube slide, and two normal tube slides
  • A Behemoth Bowl slide (with two bowls), a multiple-drop raft slide, and a normal raft slide


It looks like we've got equal representation between ProSlide and WhiteWater here, which is awesome as they both have some unique waterslide designs in their stables. The only thing that you could say this park would be "missing" is a big water play structure.

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It looks like we've got equal representation between ProSlide and WhiteWater here, which is awesome as they both have some unique waterslide designs in their stables. The only thing that you could say this park would be "missing" is a big water play structure.


I'd add a hydrocoaster to that list - I daresay it's probably in the plans already and will be part of the park's first expansion after 2-3 years of operation.

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I'd add a hydrocoaster to that list - I daresay it's probably in the plans already and will be part of the park's first expansion after 2-3 years of operation.

You can see the quad master blaster from 1:05 to 1:14


Anyway, the breakdown of attractions:


0:23 Double Wave Pool, Double Skycoaster

0:26 Dark Tornado , Tantrum Alley, Tornado Wave.

0:44 Kidz Tantrum, Kidz Racer, Various Childrens Slides

0:58 Kraken Octopus Racer, Aqualoops

1:06 Quad Master Blaster, Family Rattler, Boomerango, Raft Slides

1:11 Flowrider

1:16 Constrictor (Dark Green, on right)

1:18 Lazy River

1:20 Bowling Alley, two cloverleaf slides

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This looks amazing! This will definitely be a stop I'll have to take next time I'm in Australia. I still think it's pretty awesome how Australia as a whole really didn't get a lot of new rides for theme parks or water rides in a couple years and then right after TPR goes to Australia they bust out all this awesomeness. Way to go Australia on making want to come back and and see your beautiful country again.


Jimmy "Still missed seeing a duck-billed platypus" Bo

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Definitely going to road trip up to Sydney to check this place out once it opens. Plenty of slides that aren't in Wet'n'Wild Gold Coast or WhiteWater World. And no Twister/waterboarding simulator - hooray!


The sheer volume of attractions makes me think this park ought to handle big crowds fairly well, providing the ride ops are decent.

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