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Universal's EarthSea Wonder Park [RCT3]

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"Step into a new experience dedicated to the ocean and land and where they join together to be one whole Earth. Discover your imagination and learn a few things along the way at Universal Orlando Resort's new EarthSea Wonder Park!" - Universal's EarthSea Wonder Park's dedication.



The park will be located south of Islands of Adventure and Universal's City Walk. Guests can access the park by a new system of covered moving sidewalks that takes them from City Walk and to the entrance of the park. It will be located very close to the new Cabana Bay Beach Resort.


We have decided to release a few pictures of the current entrance plaza that is still in the process of construction.



Under these structures will be bag check and ticket scanners.



To the right, guests can find an A.T.M. and what will be will-call.



To the left, guests will easily be able to find the restrooms.


The entrance plaza and "main-street" will be the Mediterranean Harbor and will lead guests to their adventure where they can explore themed lands that all relate back to one theme... where the Earth meets the Sea!


Stay tuned for more teaser and construction photos, courtesy of Universal Orlando photographers!

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A few weeks after Universal Orlando announced the opening of EarthSea Wonder Park, they announced a media event would be hosted about the completion of the park's first land, Harbor of Discovery!


I jumped on the idea and would tag along with my friend (who works for a local Orlando website about Universal, Disney and SeaWorld). The event started late in the afternoon and it was great to see what was finished so far! I hope I don't get in trouble for posting these photos....



Just outside the entrance. Notice anything above those buildings? I tried to ask the park official who gave us loads of information on this new park, but he refused to say anything...



The right-side of the entrance.



Once you walk through the park entrance, you're immersed into this Italian sea-side village. This is on the left-side, where you can see Sea Port Goods, a full-service restaurant that will serve gourmet dishes.



This is the right-side, looking towards the entrance. You can see the central fountain in this shot.



Another shot of the right-side.


Overall, I'm pleased with the "feel" Universal has managed to give off with 'Harbor of Discovery'. I can't wait for the next media event/announcement from Universal!

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Looks good! I have never seen those brown lamps before, they look great! Can I suggest one thing though? Right now the walls look a bit flat. Maybe add some different windows, or a balcony or something? But if you think that it doesn't suit the theme, then just ignore this part of course


Btw, can I borrow someones binoculars? Just so I can see what kind of coaster that is in the background

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