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What's the rarest credit you have? How did you get it?

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Well, the subject explains itself. I'm really interested in things like these and I'd also like to know how you got the credit. Sorry if there are already any of these in the forums, i just thought this would be a really interesting discussion topic.


My personal rarest credit is Anaconda at Zoo Granby mainly because it's in the middle of nowhere. On coaster-count.com 12 people have ridden it (Including Big Mike ). On rcdb it says it by L&T Systems and it sounds like a cheap Chinese knock-off brand. I got it during my Grade 5 field trip to the zoo.

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Okay, I think this will count as a rare credit because it doesn't happen every day.


How about getting to ride Skull Mountain at Six Flags Great America twice, first time with the lights on and second time with the lights off?


Years ago, my friend and I were attending coaster celebration at Six Flags Great America and there were two ERT's: one in the morning and the other at night. Late at night, while everyone were getting their ERT's on El Toro, my friend and I were going to the other side of the park were the three other coasters (Nitro, Batman - the Ride, and Skull Mountain) were having their ERT's. Because we were the only two that showed up, the ride attendants decided to give us a treat: by giving us those two special rides. We felt like we were VIP's.


I think I can also add another rare credit: how about riding Nitro by yourself in the front seat at 12:15 in the morning? That happened after we rode Skull Mountain and my friend wanted to sit Nitro out. And I got to ride it twice in a row (I wanted to ride more, but my friend was sleepy and the hotel we were going to was about two hours away, so go figure)!


"My credit was when this rider and amusement park flyer got so sick he spent the whole day in bed with me. That don't happen to me very often.

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