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Your favorite HUSS ride

Which ride by HUSS do you like most?  

162 members have voted

  1. 1. Which ride by HUSS do you like most?

    • Break Dancer
    • Top Spin
    • Pirate (Giant Swing Ship)
    • Ranger
    • Troika
    • Magic
    • Take Off
    • Frisbee
    • Giant Frisbee
    • Enterprise
    • Rainbow
    • Topple Tower
    • Mega Dance
    • Flipper
    • Booster
    • Fly Away
    • Suspended Top Spin
    • Other

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A classic Enterprise is still one of my favorite rides anywhere. I've almost certainly been on the one at Lake Compounce more times than any other ride, coaster or flat ride, out there, and I just can't ever get enough of it.

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I'm gonna have to go with the Suspended Top Spin. I find these a lot less uncomfortable than the regular versions, and in my opinion Knott's Riptide runs a much better program than any normal Top Spin I've been on. Frisbees (the regular ones...not a fan of the Giant version) are second place, and the rare UFO (not listed) comes in third. I find most of HUSS's other attractions that I've experienced (Break Dance, Pirate, Troika, Enterprise, Jump2, Swing Around, possibly Rainbow, and possibly one or two others) underwhelming, and I generally find similar rides built by other manufacturers to be better.

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^ Wow, I have never seen one of those before, that is pretty cool looking.


Does Huss still sell rides? I have not seen a part install one in years. I thought I heard at one point they just do parts for existing rides now. I am not sure if that is true since their website still has a catalog. I wonder what the downfall of Huss was. At one point they where one of the hottest flat ride providers and then went cold all of a sudden. Seems like Zamperlas is the new Huss for flats.

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I picked the Breakdance, any ride where the intensity depends on the weight balance ranks highly in my book. Even if I don't get a really wild, whip-me-around ride, Breakdances are still a lot of fun. One day, I shall ride the Kinzler Breakdance (or should I say, Epileptic Seizuredance) that travels German fairs. This offride video here shows its long cycle, special effects, and the "Never in America" speed setting later on.


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^That looks insanely fun!


Closest we have around here (which is a very good ride and what I was referring to as my favorite Huss ride) is this thing:

Everyone who's gone to Santa Cruz I'm sure has ridden it. I displaced the weight so much that towards the end of the cycle I got myself into this endless spin so when the ride had stopped, I was able to keep it spinning at a fast rate for several second after the ride cycle (until the brakes kicked in). Probably my most insane moment on these rides!


Though not as intense but still proven to be a fun ride, I'm happy that my home park CGA also has an identical ride sans the cool lighting effects...if only it ran a tad faster (it does have variable speed which can make interesting rides if you displace your weight just right).

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