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2013 TPR Tour Questionnaire is out!

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^ Hi so I've never been on a tour before and want to go hopefully in 2013. You say 400 people have filled out the questionnaire but on average how many people do you guys have on each tour? Thanks!


I've been on two trips, one with just under 100 people and one with about half that. Both are awesome experiences. No matter how many are on a trip you'll still have fun!

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Im very interested in the Texas Midwest Tour!! But this would be my first tour with you guys....i was wondering do we meet sonewhere to start the trip or the bus picks us up?!?!!


Sometimes the bus will pick up at an airport, sometimes at a meeting point, most of the time we start off at a hotel that has an airport shuttle so you can arrive, take the shuttle, then we all meet up at the hotel.

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Just a few more questions about the Westcoast & Texas/midwest...


1. How many days will the possible Disney add-on be?

2. In between both trips how will transport work out?

3. Is there by any chance that we will visit Galveston/Kemah Boardwalk on(/ or by pre-trip add-on) during Texas/midwest?


I hope i'm not asking to much right about now


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^Sorry, must have gotten buried while we were away...


1. Two or Three most likely.

2. Most likely we'll suggest certain flights that would work well for you. Could be a group flight option like between the LeviaThon and Hotness Tours as well.

3. I don't see that being official, but you'd be welcome to do it on your own.

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Is the deposit refundable?


I would really like to try a TPR trip however it will all depend on my vacation approval for next year. Our vacation requests have to be in by mid-November. Should your finilized dates be released after the fact, I may still be able to switch things around.


I would rather put in a deposit upfront to ensure a seat on the bus, rather then wait until after the fact to see if I can go and then chance waiting for a seat to open up. Your trips look like a lot of fun.

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Someone may have answered this question in a previous post, however, I wondered if there will be a West Coast Bash 2013. I think I saw a post that referred to an off-season event and a potential TPR West Coast Tour.


you are correct...:

Question... with the West Coast tour [theoretically] scheduled for late July, will West Coast Bash still be happening in the February/March timeframe, like usual, or is it expected to get pushed to coincide with the trip? Just curious on how to plan for "off time" from work.


We like the 'offseason' WCB Event in the Winter Time and will most likely be keeping that and doing something different on our tour.
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