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2013 TPR Tour Questionnaire is out!

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^200% agreed. Matter of taste but imho, Voyage is probably less exciting than say Legend. If you really go to HW to knock Toro off its top place in your chart, you're probably in for a big letdown. Something I would like to add is, most of the time, when you go on a trip, it's a ride you hadn't even thought about that will surprise you the most, whereas the most anticipated coasters sometimes feel like "overrated". This happened to me on EC2008 with Boulderdash which changed my life, whereas SROS was just not what I had expected it to be... Same in 2010 with Voyage (letdown) but on the positive side, many Premier rides (Powder Keg...) or GCI's like Renegade...


You make a great point. I really just wanted to see why people think it's better than el toro because i really don't think i will ever find a roller coaster that will knock el toro off the top of my list. As for what happened to you that actually happened to me this year. I went to Cedar Point really to see if millennium force would knock off el toro for me. An absolute huge letdown for me. I didn't hate it but it's no where near my top 10. No airtime and it went so fast that bugs were being smacked into my face and they hurt. On the other side of that was magnum. Did not expect much from this ride but i found the airtime to be INCREDIBLE! I ended up riding that ride more than any other ride during my stay and it actually moved in front of nitro on my top 10 list. Maverick was somewhat the same story. I questioned how good a ride could really be only 110 feet off the ground. The only ride i've been on more intense than that is el toro. 2 incredible rides get overshadowed by an overrated millennium force so great points dragonkhan.


Personally, i think Voyage is miles better than El Toro. But that's my taste. But if I were going to go to Holiday World, if would only be during an event with night ERT, since all three woodies get way better late at night.


Admittedly, I haven't been there in a few years, so if it's gotten rougher, I haven't experienced it. It's deifnitely a rough and tumble ride. But I like those!


But wherever the trip goes, I'm sure you'll have fun. It's a TPR trip, after all.

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