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[RCT2] Stone Castle Falls

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Hi everyone,


I haven't visited this site in a while, but I've been re-indulging in some RCT pleasure recently as a welcome procrastination and I thought I would share my progress with you all. Stone Castle Falls is a park I started years ago, gave up on (due to its scale) and forgot about. I rediscovered it recently, and decided to try and expand it further (although I really do have much more important things to do!).


NOTE - The park is made without expansions and not completed as yet. The main goal was to make a realistic park (although somewhat large and fanciful) with achievable rides and rollercoasters. The park is almost fully functioning (guests do not get lost - much) and there is sufficient staff and facilities (although I have now maxed out on both, so this may not last!). The main criteria was to make an in-depth and considered park, where there is enough variety for the whole family. This means there are no groundbreakingly tall or unrealistic rides, but all should be believable and refined. The key is in the detail.




Visioned in Scotland, the park utilises a large lake, with a rising hill to one side. There is a historic castle in the site as well as the infamous falls. The park consists of seven main themed areas: Entrance Plaza, Space Station Zero, Adventureland, Stone Castle, Wild Woods, Pirate Cove and Lost Kingdom.


I will keep you up to date with all further construction!


Any blank areas in the park are unfinished (including the car park). There is space for a planned hotel above the falls.


Entrance Plaza. Entrance area with themed shops and buildings inspired from the parks seven areas. The main Stone Castle Express monorail station is situated here. To the left is an unfinished section containing a Vekoma looper named Boomerang and several flat rides. Minotaur - a dark inverted mouse - is located indoors to the right of the plaza. To the north is Carnival Village, a family area on the island.


Space Station Zero. Plays host to the iconic Terminal Velocity roto-drop tower standing at 160ft as well as the graceful Rogue Wave - an Intamin mini-hyper. This area contains many flat thrill rides as well as Black Hole - the pitch black rollercoaster.


Adventureland. Adventure is the name of the game here, with Gold Rush - the runaway mine train, Grizzly River Adventure (you will get wet!) and the Wild Water River log flume. The tour de force here though is Xenon, the Nemesis-inspired B&M invert, disguised and hidden in the mysterious forest. Adventureland has its own mini-monorail transportation system called the Adventureland Flyer.


Stone Castle. This section contains the historic castle (unfinished and not visible in this shot). Renegade is the main attraction here, a twisting out and back woodie that winds its way into Adventureland to interact with the other rides. Big Bad Wolf is an inspired terrain suspended coaster - culminating with a large drop and swooping turn over the lake. The Ski Lift is a quick and easy way up the hill, and the flumes are a speedy way down!


Wild Woods. Visible from all across the park, the Wild Woods is situated on the side of the mountain. The rides here make good use of its terrain, including the junior coaster The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Wild Woods boasts two of the parks biggest coasters: Brute - a modern woodie featuring a quadruple drop down the mountainside and a hidden inversion and Gatekeeper - a compact and twisted B&M dive machine. Barrel Run is an unusual wooden bobsled ride through the trees.


Pirate Cove. This is a bustling seaside town using man-made canals for irrigation with supply from the infamous waterfalls. Neptune is the main attraction, a long and unpredictable water coaster, and Tree Top Trail a spinning mouse ride through the tree houses. Not to forget Terror Tower, the dark launch tower.


Lost Kingdom. This area features three sections: Ancient Greece, Japan and Egypt. Poseidon is the centrepiece in the Greek section, a towering plunge water ride. Japan features a lazy river ride Oriental Express and the complex and unruly King Cobra. The main attraction here however is Horus, the B&M flying coaster located in Egypt.


A closer look at Horus, with King Cobra near by.


Xenon making disturbances in the woods, with Narcosis the topspin ride. To the top is Main Street of the wild west area.


Gatekeeper towering high above, putting fear into the hearts of all who face it. Station area for Brute on the right, with the funicular railway to the castle visible on the left.


Some detail in Pirate Cove


The domineering, symmetrical ride entrance for Terminal Velocity

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This is really really good! I really like the way you themed everything so nice and perfectly! and even better for RCT2!

my two comments are,


First, consider changing the name of Poseidon in the Roman section. Poseidon is the god of the seas and waters of Greece, not rome. The seas and water god for rome was Neptune


Secondly, the tops of every building in the Pirate cove looks the same! vary the type of ceilings! but I really love that section, I believe its my favorite!


Keep the good work!

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Ah yes good point about the names... I named these years ago and I didn't really consider that. However, the Roman theming is debatable - it might as well be Greece. For the sake of changing the names around, lets call it Ancient Greece from now on!


As for the roofs, thats true - I didn't use that much variety in the buildings there. Although, I am quite fond of that scenery (it's definitely my favourite) and I don't think I'm about to embark on changing any of the existing theming, only finishing the rest off!


Thanks for the comments

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Some more views around the park


More of Pirate Cove. Tree Top Trail wiggles its way through the bizarre tree houses in the woods, with Neptune's main splashdown in the foreground. Black Buccaneer sits in the middle of the plaza, with Terror Tower looming overhead (riders get a brief view of the park from the top before plummeting back into darkness). The falls are visible behind


Poseidon constantly dominates the sky around this section of Lost Kingdom. Feng Ju Palace (the mysterious dark ride) awaits on the right, with the Flying Pagoda observation deck and Greek Food Market the the top


More of Lost Kingdom. Orient Express snakes its way around interacting with the crowd with Magic Carpet situated in the middle. Japans secret weapon Samurai sits lurking to the left.


The entrance area for Grizzly River Adventure


Entrance Plaza for Xenon

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