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A quick trip report from Michigans adventure

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This past saturday we were able to swing by Michigans adventure for a few hours. This visit, the park was packed. The last time we were at the park last year, there were 5 cars in the parking lot. It was good to see the park doing so well. It's also worth noting that the park has removed the falling star ride. The site now sits empty.


The water park was slammed, and the parking lot was near full. The lines for the rides were long as well. Here are some of the wait times for the rides.


Mad mouse...30 min

Wolverine wildcat...35 min

Thunderhawk...30 min

Shivering timbers...10-15 min


Shivering timbers was running really well, as were all the other rides. I am not sure what they do to the slc in this park, but there is no headbanging, and the ride is actual enjoyable.


We were also able to do a little bit of time in the waterpark. The lazy river was gridlock, and the lines for the slides were lengthy. Here are a few pictures of the trip, including some rare night shots from the park......yes, the rides do have lights.




We grabbed our new club TPR bag, and loaded it with towles for the water park.


The water park was slammed.


Midways were also slammed


I still just don't get it.....


My daughter and parents enjoyed the log flume.


The line was around 20 min though.


The sea dragon and wolverine wildcat.


The famous "winkie the whale" ride.


Looking at thunderhawk across the lake.


A few shots of thunderhawk



As you can see, the line was full


Twisted track and the moon



I see something from geauga lake......


This walkway is next to thunderhawk. I wonder if they are ever going to expand the midway?


At this point, it was getting dark. It's not too often that the park fires up the lights.


The log flume goes right over the midway.


Mmmm...a slice of pizza sounds good.


But not at cedarfair prices.


Even the tilt a whirl had a line.


Tilt and log ride.


Swing ride


Even the trabant had it's lights on.


Dark picture of giant wheel.




Corkscrew doing its thing.


Ill end this trip report with a shot of shivering timbers.

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Nice trip report! I'm glad to see that this park is still operating with some nice crowds. I'm interested to hear that the SLC is smooth...I have yet to be on one that is smooth and people claim to be smooth. Maybe when they moved it, it got rid of all the headbanging crap that SLC's are known for.


I hope to make it up to this park some day. Great pics. Thanks for the report.


Jimmy "I've stepped 3 feet into the state of Michigan" Bo

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As much as I would love to see a new coaster in the park, I think they need other things first.


A flat or two, no doubt. Even more water park stuff would appease the masses. But I would love to see MI get an Intamin, B&M, or Premier.


Honestly, a hyper wold be just fine.

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I agree about the flats, but what I would really like to see is the connection of the path next to wolverine wildcat. It's a pain when you get off thunderhawk and have to walk all the way around the lake to get to shivering timbers.


Maybe put in a drop tower and a flat along the pathway.....and a few shops/food stands as well.

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I was at that park three years ago, and on that day of my visit the park was crowded ( Let me repeat that: it was CROWD-DED!). How crowded was it? See that picture of the Corkscrew? Now imagine that whole queing line full, plus a long line of riders waiting outside the entrance. You didn't list how long the wait time was for the Corkscrew in your report, but I think that when you took that picture of the Corkscrew doing its thing, it was probably in the eveningtime. The ride was crowded when the park opened up, but when I came back to ride it later in the evening, you could walk up to the station (but there were still a crowd of people waiting in the aisle, so you still had to wait, but not so long).


But that's okay; any ride that has a long line of riders waiting to ride it is beautiful to me. But I'm confused about one picture and its captioning: in one picture you stated that the tilt-a-whirl even had a long line, but in the picture shown there were a line of people waiting to ride the trambant. Was it an oversight or did they placed the tilt-a-whirl next to the trambant and the picture looked like the trambant had a long line of riders?


As for the park itself, I'm sure they could benefit with some more family flat rides such as the kite flyer and the bike rider (like the one at Morey's Piers) and maybe even an intimidating flat ride. But if the park decides to get a roller coaster from B&M or Premier, then that would be awesome! They do have plenty of space to work with.


"Hey, you're dreaming again. How many times have I told you: you don't dream unless you're laying your head on me!"

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