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Happy Valley Amusement Park [RCT3]

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June 13th, 2003


Now that school is out, I can enjoy the park more! Wow, it's hard to believe that next year I will be a senior in high school! Time flies!


Hello Dominator!


Today wasn't to busy of a day. For once, I am glad to hear that!


While the park wasn't busy, the weather was still pretty hot! It was a great day for Dare Devil Chutes!


Dominator has definitely been the crowd favorite! It has pulled in a large crowd, and has been said to have a que time up to 3 hours! Wow!


Dream Tower had a bit of a line today.


But I can understand because the view is amazing from up there!


Doom was closed at the beginning of the day, but opened later on. I was able to catch a ride on it though!


No, never will I ever go on this thing again! I don't think i've ever felt more nauseous!


Nothing new to see here, lets keep on walking.


So many wonderful possibilities for this park! Hopefully these will be taken advantage of.


It's nice to see part of the old Huckle Berry charm in the park!


For the last ride of the day, I believe I made the right choice.


For my next update, I am thinking about doing a live update right from the park! More information about how that will work will be in the next update!


Thanks for reading!

-Jacob Higgins

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All of this is awesome! How are you designing the rides to be more realistic? I'm assuming your'e making them in another program and importing them into the game?

I would assume he's using NoLimits for them.

This is one of my favorite parks, even though you couldn't be bothered to make a custom invert

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