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Happy Valley Amusement Park [RCT3]

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Springfield Missouri, 8/25/2001- CALLING ALL ADRENALINE JUNKIES! This coaster experience is unlike any coaster at Happy Valley Amusement Park. Riders on Renegade will be pulled up a steep 125-foot lift hill, once at the top, riders will be dropped back down the 120-foot drop, speeding along the 65-degree descent into three inversions, including a cobra roll and a 360-degree loop, at speeds of 47mph. The train is then “caught” by another lift hill, and, once it looses momentum, is towed to the top as riders wait in anticipation for the second descent. When the train is finally released, riders are sent racing into the inversions again…except this time in reverse! Renegade will cost $5M, and is planned to open to the public, May, 2002.


Planned site for Renegade, behind the wooden fence.


Getting a bit of a sneak peak, it looks like the park has already poured a foundation of the station and que line.


I am looking forward to this ride. I believe it will be a great addition to the park, and will draw more people to this section of the park.


Thank you for reading,

-Jacob Higgins

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A very epic way to announce a Boomerang


Anyway, your landscaping looks good, and I'm sure the coaster will fit into its space very well.



That looks amazing! Happy Valley sounds like China though

Thank you! And yes, I know, I stole the name from the amusement park in China. I just couldn't think of any other name! haha


Holy moly that looks good! Can't wait for more.

Thank you very much!




All right guys, today I am speaking as Coastin.


I was working on the park today, and I was trying to building a few restaurants and shops. Now, I am absolutely terrible at building buildings in RCT3. Here is a shot of the first and only building so far in the park,


Could you guys please help me, and tell me what I could/need to change or add? Also, the roofs, is there a good set that has diagonal roofs?


But anyway, I would like to also share the parks biggest coaster! Please remember that it is still a WIP, as for this post is not a storyline update.


I present you, BLAZE.



Overview of the queue, station, brake runs, and transfer/storage track.


Thanks for reading guys! Please remember that I could use as much criticism/help I can get to become a better builder, and to make the park and updates look better!



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Blaze looks great but I have 2 complaints, First, put a cover over the transfer track and add some catwalks so maintenance could be done on the trains, or even better might be to make it into just a big building. Second, I really dont like the turn around into the lift hill, but I'm not sure what you should do with it.

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This is nit picky, but how is that transfer track supposed to work?


Take a look at this Google Street View image of the amazing Nitro at Great Adventure (which we got to ride 5 times in a row last night, woohoo!). The back half (upper part of the screen) of the regular brake run needs to have supports like the transfer area so it will look like the track could slide over if it needed to be put on the maintenance track.


Other than that, great job! I love it.

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Long time no park post! I've been trying to finish the park as much a possible. But since life, school, friends, and sports, etc. have gotten in the way, I haven't been able to get as far as I would have liked. But any ways, for the holidays, I thought I would post an update with what I have so far. Enjoy!




Well yesterday was the last day of the operating season. The park has definitely hit a downfall this season. A downfall worse then the current one we have been in since 2000. I hope next years addition will help the park out. But after finding out some information about the new ride (I will tell you below).


I was lucky enough to get into the park early to get some shots of the park. Soon, this area will be flooded with people.


"TOP" one of the parks most popular flat ride. Most likely since it's the first ride guests see when entering the park.


Top's que line gives some great views of "Steel2". Though I am not to found of the name, the ride is pretty good!


Continuing on, we are greeted with "Loop Star". A great ride for the family, and a child's first looping coaster.


Inverter, my favorite flat ride in the park. The hold at the top is just a rush!


Here, we have Serial Thriller. Opened in 2000 and should be properly named, "Serial Killer". What helped the park go into a downfall. This is the standard Vekoma SLC, with the over used paint scheme. But this ride is different from all of the other SLC's out there. Yes, this is the most uncomfortable and painful one. The park didn't buy the standard the SLC trains. They bought a new train from a different company, now out of business, thinking the new train would enhance the riders ride experience. No, it made it worst. The park also bought only one train, causing the que times to be over 2 hours.


Steel Force, again, not operating today, hasn't operated all summer. Except for the 2 weeks in July, when the park somehow was able to get it working. Not after long, the ride had mechanical issues, causing the park to close the ride. They haven't been able to properly get it working again.


Nothing much going on at Renegades construction site. Though, foundation and footers, have been poured.


Shock Wave, my favorite coaster in the park! This ride opened in 1998, and has been a crowd favorite ever since! I don't care how long the lines are, I will wait!


We then have Fire Ring, and the classic, Demon. Both very fun rides, although Fire Ring gets me a bit nauseous.


Well that's it for this short and small update. Many more things to see in the park, but I had to jump in line for Shock Wave!


Thanks for reading everyone!

-Jacob Higgins



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This looks really good! Did you use custom trains for the Demon and do you plan to for the Boomerang? Those would look really good. Honestly, the park looks really good. You should put a list of all the coasters you have though, or a overview of each.

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Wow, you've really come a long way with this. It looks absolutely fabulous. You are really good at foliage, but mabye you should fill up some of the backspaces with a bit more shrubbery or grass/flowers or something if you find anything good, because the normal grassland "ground-paint" is so flat, wich makes it a bit boring and man-made.

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April 6, 2002

Well, hello everyone! We are a little over a month away till opening day of the 2002 season. Which means Renegade has begun testing! Since testing has begun, Renegade has had numerous amounts of malfunctions. Now, park officials are not worried about these malfunctions delaying the coasters opening. Though, i'm not to sure about that, but I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens!



Hello Renegade!


The front of Renegade, and where the que line entrance is. The rides sign has yet to be put in yet.


The train flying above me!


Guests waiting in line will always have a great view of the ride!


The tall backwards climb to the top of the first spike!


Now here is where the problems start to begin. The lift on the second spike was not catching the train most of the time. When the second lift did catch the train, the train would just sit there, not move an inch, and then eventually just fall backwards. This would cause the train to barely pass the inversions with enough speed on the return trip. This happened numerous times today, not even counting how many times it has been happening since test started.


Taken from the exit path


Last shot I took.


Hopefully my next update will be of opening day, and not me telling you guys that Renegade will not be opening on time.


Until next time, thanks for reading!

-Jacob Higgins


@IronWolfman: Thank you! Yes, I did use custom trains on Demon, and I do plan to as well for Renegade (the boomerang). I will include a list of all of the coasters soon!


@paradisecoaster: I'm really glad you like the park! I will fix those bare parts of land. Thank you for your help!

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May 1st, 2002

Well everybody, I am afraid I have some rather disappointing news to share.


I can't say I didn't see this coming. Hopefully the crew knows what they are doing and will have this resolved quickly. I would also like to point out something, "Testing began on our rollercoasters, and all are ready for opening day" does this mean that Steel Force will be open as well! How long will that last, haha.


I would also like to share something else with you guys. After reading around online, I came across something saying that the park had put up one of its schwarzkopf roller coasters, Looping Star. Man, I really don't know what to say about that. If they do sell the ride, I hope something thrilling, but still family friendly, will go in it's place.


Until opening day,

-Jacob Higgins



@Intaminfan98: Thank you! That means a lot!

@Paradisecoaster: You are correct. It only takes a little to make something look good!

@hollinwp: Thank you!

@Cyrus: I am using Moby's path set. The Boomerang CT is from Coaster-Inc, and the CTR came out a while back. I do not remember who or what the name of the set is right now, but when I found out, I will let you know.

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May 20, 2002

Well everybody, today was opening day for Happy Valley Amusement Park. Today wasn't as great as expected. The turn out was definitely not what anyone was expecting. I guess it was a good thing the park was only open till five today. Well, here are the pictures I guess...


Yeah... I guess no one in the floral department cared about the sign...


Hey there Looping Star! Let's hope this view doesn't change, and you stay in that spot!


I guess there was one good thing about a terrible turn out, unlimited rides on Shock Wave!


On the last day of the season last year, this area was PACKED!


I found some sign of human civilization! haha.


I went back to check out Renegade. It looks nice! The sign still hasn't been installed, but I feel like the company put some hard work in this ride. But I am still bummed I wasn't able to ride it today. :closedeyes:


Serial Thriller was just like Renegade today, CLOSED...


Well, I pretty much left after this picture. I don't know, but the park just wasn't fun with such a low attendance. All in all, today was a terrible way to start of the season. I hope attendance and park operation will return to normal. I'll see y'all next time.


-Jacob Higgins


Cyrus: I'm glad I got your interest in the story line! I will be sharing a above view of the park in the near future seasons. Thank you for your interest!

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Well hello everyone! After my last update, I took a look at my park, and carefully examined every single bit of it. Creating my story line, I knew I wouldn't be able to get a big action filled story lined park. I remodeled 95 % of the park. I am now more satisfied with what I have to work with now. Please note that The park does not look completley different. I kept the entrance, the entrance plaza, and basically everything from "Steel2" to the right of it, and adding a new area and coaster.



The new area and coaster. Please note that its look is only part of the story line. I am not getting lazy with it, I am creating a story line with the bareness.


Here is the pond that I built in front of "Steel 2" two loops.


Only two pictures, But I felt like I should update you guys with at least something.


Story Behind The Park: The park had originally opened under the name of Huckle Berry Farm and Amusements, under the ownership of Glen and Dorothy Huckleberry, in 1971. Glen and Dorothy had a dream, a dream like no other, they knew their farm could be something a destination for the local and neighboring towns. In their first year of operation, the Huckleberry's opened the park with a log flume named Dare Devil Chutes, a small children's coaster, and a variety of sorted flat rides. The flat rides consisted of a Rotor, Bumper Cars, Tea Cups, a carousel, and variety of others. With the Huckleberry's having an amazing first two seasons, Glen and Dorothy knew that 1973 would bring something big to the park, that was when Mind Warp (now Steel 2) was introduced. When it opened, it was a crowd favorite. People qued for hours to get their share of the adrenaline pumping double loops! Glen and Dorothy didn't stop there, in 1975 they got back with the people who brought them Mind Warp (now Steel 2), Schwarzkopf, this time the park would introduce something that no one had ever seen before! It was the worlds first launched coaster, the coaster was named Burst. Another successful addition at the park, people came from all over to ride Burst. The 1980's quickly came around the corner, nothing to big was added to the park besides some shops and a few flat rides, the most noted addition during the 80's was the parks 235ft Intamin observation tower named, Huckleberry Tower. It offered a great view of the park and surrounding area. The 80's came and went, and with the start of the 1990's, Glen Huckleberry fell ill. While he fell ill, the park attendance began to strangely fall. With attendance falling, money began to become a major issue. Glen knew his time was coming, but he didn't want the park to go with him. He went to the drawing board, got in contact with manufacturers, and in 1992, the Huckleberrys, in co operation with B&M, opened Shock Wave. A B&M stand up coaster that did the trick, brought the attendance and money back to the park! Though a year after Shock Wave opened, Glen Huckleberry died from lung cancer in 1993. Dorothy took over the park with the help of her sister in-law, but shortly sold the park a year later in 1994. The start of the 1995 season began the Happy Valley Amusement Park era. A Chinese entertainment company bought Huckle Berry Farm and Amusements, changed the name, and since then, the park has slowly been dying.


That's a lot of reading, I know. But I felt that I needed to share that so the parks story line is easier to understand. Thank you to all that read it, and hope you like the pictures that I shared with you guys.


Thank you,


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June 16th, 2002


Hey guys, today was my lucky day! Renegade opened!


Yup! The park had an unexpected soft opening for the ride.


The soft opening was both a good and bad thing. Good, because that meant it didn't have to bad of a line at opening, and bad, because a lot of people were disappointed that they were not informed of the opening of the ride!


I give the ride an overall rating of 4.5/10


I found Renegade to be quite rough! Although the going backwards on this ride was very fun, the roughness kind of ruined it.


Night soon came over the park, and Renegade was a unique site.


Well enough of Renegade pictures,


I was happy to be able to close the park, which meant a night time ride on my favorite, Shock Wave.


Walking down an empty mid-way.


On my way out, I decided to take a night time ride on Demon.


It has been a while since I've done this!


Well that is all for today! Thank for reading!


-Jacob Higgins.

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July 24, 2002

Well, the 2002 season seems to be the slowest season for the park. I believe I have found out the reason to this though.


On my way into the parking lot, I noticed this sign. Hmm, "What goes up, must come down..."


Well ok Happy Valley


Driving past one of the preferred parking lots, I notice some possible roller coaster track!? Of course my camera got the worlds blurriest shot!


Apparently there has been violent threats going around about the park, and surrounding area. I can understand why people have been deciding not to come. I haven't been coming to the park a whole lot because this also.


Top doing it's thing.


But any ways, some rumors about a new attraction for next year have also been going around. It's confirmed by common sense that the park will be adding something new.


While teaser signs are starting to pop up, this sign has also!


And the same sign at kamikaze! I believe this is a reason as to why both Rotor's and Kamikaze's lines were fairly long. I jumped in line to get a ride on both. I also remember why I never ride them, I didn't feel to well afterwards.


I got a ride on Doom. I must say that the light rain we got made the ride very interesting.


Took a ride on a classic.


Wild Mouse was running pretty well, decided to take a ride on it. Those sharp turns make me laugh every time!


I didn't stay at the park too long, but I believe it is safe to say that Looping Star won't be going anywhere next year. I also believe the park needs to occupy that building!


What do you guys believe the addition could be!? Let us know!


I believe an announcement for next year will be coming from the park soon. Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,

-Jacob Higgins

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Before I start this update, I would like to state/share some things I feel I need to clear up. Since I "remodeled" the park, I didn't like how many NL CT's I was using. I had placed them in to create a storyline, and to add a more realistic feel to the park. I the. Began to think to myself, I can make this park look realistic, and I can create a storyline with out using these CT's. I deleted Serial Thriller (the SLC CT), Steel Force (the premier "mr. Freeze" CT), and I replaced Demon (the classic corkscrew CT) with an arrow coaster that I built in RCT3. It is still named The Demon, and you can see what it looks like in an above update. I do plan on only using/keeping one NL CT in the park. That one is a coaster about to be announced in the below update.

I apologize for skipping through this season so fast. A lot of things have been going on in my life, and I just want to get this season done and over with. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy my work!




September 4th, 2002

Well everyone, the park closed for the season yesterday. The last time I visited the park this season was back in June. The violent threats had became worse, and a violent attack related to the threats had happened in the next city over. Because of that my family and I became worried about my safety at the park, and I decided to stop visiting till these threats have resolved. Because I decided to not visit the park, I missed the live announcement for the 2003 addition. But no worry! I have the announcement right here to share with you all!




In 2003, Happy Valley Amusement Park will open a ride that will change the park. A ride that no one saw coming. I would like to introduce,



Riders will begin their intense journey by climbing the 137ft tall lift hill. Once at the top,

riders will then descend the 119ft drop, and then up into the 100ft loop!

Riders will then brave the zero-g roll, followed by a cobra roll, and then twist up to the mid-course brake run. The intensity doesn't stop there though! After the mid-course break run, riders will spiral down into the first corkscrew, and after a quick second to catch your breath, riders are then tossed into the second and last inversion, a corkscrew followed by a helix and then a quick turn into a brake run. Riders will take on this intense ride while sitting in chairlift style cars, suspended from the track above, sitting 4-across. Dominator is scheduled to open to the public opening day, 2003, and will be located in the front corner of the park, dominating the park's skyline.


Well, it sure does seem like Happy Valley Amusement Park is starting to listen to its visitors! I sure am excited for this addition, and I believe it will be successful. Though I am not to crazy about the rides color scheme. It doesn't feel dominating. But I guess the park felt that the color scheme will suit the ride well.


What do you guys think about this? Are you excited for Dominator? Let us know!


Thank you for reading,

-Jacob Higgins


@voxelmatic: Thank you! I'm glad you like the park!

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May 16th, 2003

Welcome to a wonderful opening day of Happy Valley Amusement Park's 2003 season!


Upon entering the park, Top was completing it's testing. But we aren't here for that.


We are here for Dominator!


Though the sign was big, it really didn't seem to suit the rides name.


Guests were running to the entrance! It was crazy!


The extended que was a bit like a maze. It was interesting to see everyone lined up in it after I was getting off the ride.


A train full of riders enjoying their time upside down!


After spending a bit of time taking pictures of Dominator, I decided to get a ride on Burst. Though, it broke down once I was about to enter the line... Not cool


Well, I decided to go over and ride Demon, and after that Roll-o-Plane. Demon seemed to be running rough. A lot more rough then last year.


Then it was time to ride my baby.


And well, no surprise here, Renegade was constantly breaking down. Nothing has changed since last year.


Looking down this long strip, you can tell that the park has a lot of space to expand and build great things!


Well, that concludes the update for today. Over all today was a very successful open day for the park. Many people visited today, and I am very happy about that. I give Dominator an overall rating of 9.5/10. The ride was very fun, and very smooth. The sound of the B&M roar was pleasant to hear as well. Though, I don't feel the color fits the name, but the ride looks very nice next to Burst. I guess that is why the park went with that color scheme.


Thank you for reading,

-Jacob Higgins


@historyfreak92: Thank you!

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