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Photo TR: Universal Orlando / IOA / Citywalk

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For this trip down to Orlando I decided to rent from Canon CPS a 8-15mm fisheye zoom lens, for a slightly different perspective. I have tons of photos from these parks already so my main goal anymore is to get somethign slightly different. This lens is capable of a complete 180* image. This was not an effect added in software, but straight out of the camera.


Was a real fun lens to use this trip, but I would not buy it for $1400... A bit too specialized.


As far as this trip goes, it was our first time to ride Despicable Me which was a blast. Miles better than Jimmy Neutron which I think we only ever rode once or twice... Pre-show was excellent and the themeing was really well done to the movie. Universal did a really good job here.


Universal looks to be quite a big mess right now with the rumored transformers and Potter 2.0. expansion... It will be very interesting to see how the park can handle the HHN crowds this year. Look forward to see what happens with the one job site, but I am not excited at all for the new potter area, if that is what it is. I wish they left all that at one park only... Money talks though!


Was a great trip though meeting with good friends in the area and going to some new places we have never been along I-Drive and such (wonderworks, ice bar, etc...)... The touristy stuff... Was a great time.


Now on to the photos...


[EDIT] - My software updated my flickr stream and all the links got broken. So I deleted all the broken links from this TR and if you are interested in the photos, just go here:


Orlando Trip August 2012


Sorry about that!

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Oh wow, an entire TR of fish eye photos lol. I know you said you were just messing around, but a fish eye really should only be used when it is needed. Sometimes just having the effect is needed, but I mean when it would be relatively hard to get everything you want in the shot otherwise.


Owning a fish eye lens is dumb unless your a skateboard photographer or something. it's a rent when need type of thing.


I have one of these though and it works well enough for me, it screw on like a filter to any lens you want. They are like $50 or something.

They come in multiple pieces and using each of the pieces in different ways with different lenses provides a lot of different outcomes.


Some of your shots are really cool. I like the Margaritaville one and some others. The Sponge bob one is funny.

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A fisheye can really be used for many things... There really is no requirement for when to use one. They are simply another tool to get a different type of perspective. I own a 14mm rectilinear lens which is simply awesome if you don't want the distortion. I just wanted to try this lens so I loaned it from Canon. Cost me a whole $20 for a week rental (just shipping back to them) so it was well worth it. I have thousands of normal photos from these parks, so I rented it to get something a bit different. In my other sets you will find hundreds of normal images if you prefer But since we go so often I plan to rent something I usually would not buy to have while down there.


Many uses with a fisheye beyond just skateboard photography though... Quite a silly statement. But yes, they are limited use I would agree.

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