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Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop for Selva Magica (Mexico)!

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Is it just me, or is it running a tad slower than at Flamingoland? It doesn't go as far up each spike as it used to...

The Bullet was notorious for running faster and faster as the day went on. That's why at Flamingoland it had to take a "break" mid-way through the day! I wonder if this video might have just been shot very early or something.


Here is a comparison:



Note that my video is the one WITHOUT the hand in the frame. Also, it's hard to tell on the newer video since the person taking the video isn't actually holding the camera, just wearing a chest mount, if they actually were holding the chest mount and the the camera was pointed straight forward, we'd actually be able to tell.


But for the most part, it looks very similar to me.


--Robb "Why can't people make good coaster videos??? Aren't there plenty of GREAT examples on the internet that should prevent this crap?!?!" Alvey

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Could have also done without the guys head in the off-ride shots, too.

In fairness, it looks like it wouldn't have made a huge difference from that angle. When the guy moves his head away you still can't see the bottom of the loop due to the stairs. But I do get pretty frustrated when people get in my shot, so I totally understand where you're coming from!


I really can't tell much of a difference between the two videos in terms of the coaster's speed. Looks like the Bullet hasn't lost anything in its move from the UK to Mexico.

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^^As speculated before I think this coaster had not enough capacity for major German carnivals were even Looping Star and similar early coasters ran 3 trains - 1x station, 1x brake, 1x track. Thriller and Olympia run up to five trains. So the line for this Shuttle Loop would go around the block - and unlike theme parks were people stand in line dutifully to ride at our carnivals a long line can be a turn down resulting in people opting not to ride resulting in lower profits for the showmen.


For midsize carnivals showmen opted to buy the Schwarzkopf Katapult which not only fitted into the space for a standard flat ride but also offered more inversions which number could be adjusted according to demand. At slow midweek you had 5x forward loop and 5x backward loop - at Saturday night 3x forward and 2x backward.


Another point might be that this coaster might had higher maintenence costs than standard Schwarzkopf coasters with a chain lift system.


^Like the Katapult this one uses only friction tires.


I would also love to see someone restoring a Katapult - that were such fun rides!

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I won't start a big argument with you on this cause you seem pretty convinced of it. I'm just drawing from my experience with Shwarzkopfs at parks I've worked at. And I know that SFDK spent just as much on the Zonga pad than they would have for footers. It's really not that big a difference.


It's okay. I always claim to know nothing, as I have no experience to speak of, so I really don't have much to back it up with.


I will say that if you do a quick search on making a parking structure versus a surface lot, you'll find the difference in cost per stall to be something like $5,000 for surface versus $30,000 for the structure, and that is from an estimate that assumes "minimal groundwork." When you're talking roller coaster, you're talking a lot more ground work being done, but using the same idea you'd still have a significant additional cost.


But hey, if you know that Discover Kingdom spent the same making that pad 11 or so years ago as on footers, then you're probably right and footers are probably way cheap. I don't actually know

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Sorry for the bump, but I'm wondering if anyone knows the height restriction for Bullet at Selva Magica? I looked on the website and it has height requirements for pretty much all the other rides but this one. I'm guessing KT won't be able to ride due to the restraints and the parks other high height requirements but would like to prepare her for that now in case it's true.

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Glad this thread was bumped, otherwise I never would have known this ride is up and running again!


I always thought this was a novel concept, and one I too wish was reproduced like so many of those Vekoma Boomerangs.


Can't say Schwarzkopf never disappointed, but when you see ride ideas like this come into fruition, it really goes to show the guy knew how to make unique roller coasters in compact layouts that are still to this day, a TON of fun. And IMO, possibly preferable to some of the $20 Million dollar forceless B&Ms we have all become accustom to.

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That's funny, the response I just got was a meter and a half, which obviously seeing what Robb just found out, isn't 100% accurate. Lol this just proving yet again, never believe what you read on the Internet.

Yeah, I mean, my information came right from the operations manager at the park, so I'm assuming he's got the more reliable data?

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Glad to see this coaster up and running. Looks really forceful going through that loop the first time, and the turn after the loop the first time looks like it pulls some nice positive G's!!! It looks like a fun little shuttle coaster!

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