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Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop for Selva Magica (Mexico)!

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Out of all the awesome sounds coasters make, I can't think of one that makes me happier than the sound of a classic Anton train thundering through a Anton box-beam loop. Pure bliss.


It's probably part-sentimental, having grown up with Great America as my home park. The Tidal Wave could be heard everywhere in the park... and those blue and white lights, mmmmmm.


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^ Great! Another Mexico TPR tour may be the only one I'll be doing, in 2015.

But Bullet and Medusa will be worth the short vacation, lol.

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^^^ Robb, I have really to say, that video with that compact Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop-simulation, with that brilliant graphics comes very very close to the reality, like the themepark-videos from Theme Park Studio...


^I hopefully have not to say to you, that I was only kidding just a little bit...lol



I only can say again and again, your videos are just so sharpe and professional, just awesome - THANKS for THAT!


Thri "sharpness pure" !!er


PS- Thanks Milton for the pic by the way, Looping done - olé!

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Mmmm... Anton designed what I consider to be the best loop ever. I've never ridden this, but look forward to it. Yet another good reason for me to get down to Mexico! I heard it could be kinda a violent ride - those were the reports when it was at Circus World. I know it's got the pseudo-shoulder bars/clamp things now, which it didn't when it was new.

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I was lucky enough to ride this back in the Circus World days. I was fairly young (probably 14 or so, and I'm 42 now), so I honestly don't recall how rough it was, although I'm sure it was. But at that age, I probably had a high tolerance for a rough ride anyway.


I do remember these two details pretty vividly, even now: It was intimidating to see the train in a twisted position in the load/unload station, and at the time, they had these safety belts that were not unlike fighter plane pilots--they buckled around each shoulder and then together in the middle.

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LOL....I'm sure I would be ok. I just have a paranoia of traveling outside of the U.S. I have followed TPR for a very long time and have viewed alot of the Tour reports and of course the Klassy Kruise trip. I'm sure it would be a blast. Now it's time to start saving up some $$$$.

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This is neat.


Can anyone explain why they're doing this? Was the ride just extremely cheap to buy, and even considering the costs of refurbing parts etc it was just a monetary move to cheaply add a new ride? Or do those folks actually have some amount of respect for history and saw it worth it to salvage a "classic" ride?


I'm just wondering as the demise of the Tidal Wave/Greezed Lightnings here in the US seem so chock full of "well, they were well beyond their intended lifespan and would have taken too much money to refurb".


VERY cool looking ride, and very awesome that they're giving it new life.

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I don't think they would do it if it would be too costly.


During the Teststrecke refurb I've read somewhere on the net that the electronics in the coaster are consisted mostly of standardized parts which one can get in any electronics parts store. Next to that I think that maybe in Mexico they can produce some of the spare parts themselves instead of buying them from MaurerSöhne or Gerstlauer.


Showmen here really like Schwarzkopf coasters cause they're nearly indistructable. I guess thats why Steiger opted to refurb Laser than buying a new coaster. I have experiences myself that Intamin built EuroStar was not up to deliver smooth ride and getting built up multiple times a year. I don't really know but in the end I assume showmen Bruch would've opted to keep Thriller.

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