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What's the highest number of times you've ridden ONE coaster

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Yeah I've been on Superman SFA around 100 times (same layout as the one at SFDL, just mirrored,) and I really like it, but it doesn't come close to the one at SFNE. SFNE's has MUCH higher negative g's, more spots with the high negative g's, no flat sections, two amazing tunnels, a better first drop, better setting, higher positive g's, some of the best and most forceful helices around (especially great laterals on the second helix,) and better bunny hops (no trims on them.) SFNE's is actually a lot smoother than SFA's. The only thing that Superman SFA has that Superman SFNE doesn't have is that awesome ground hugging turn where you can actually (and easily) touch the grass at 75 mph.

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I've ridden Sea Serpent at Wildwood close to 200 times. (I know it's a Boomerang but my parents bought a shore house when I was 12 and the first few seasons that was Morey's only "big" coaster)


At SFGAdv ridden Nitro 15 times in one day and rode Batman:The Ride 8 times in a row.

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In a day would be Rock 'n' Rollercoaster at (as it was then) MGM Studios, Orlando - 29 times (it was either 29 or 26, cannot remember exactly)


In my lifetime, Nemesis at Alton Towers - well over 350 times between 2000 and 2006, ahhh the joys of having friends working on the fastrack queuing system back when it was free


Really must get back to Alton Towers soon, I miss the original sooo much!!!

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In one visit, I rode Terminator Salvation---The Ride 13 times during various ERTs. Which coaster have I ridden the most? Probably either Revolution or Matterhorn.


But that's all I remember, as I don't keep track of how many times I ride.



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I wouldn't doubt I have about 300 rides on Diamondback; still being a mile away from the current ACE member at KI who's ridden it seriously, not joking, not exaggerating.....around 900 times. He's probably going to hit 1000 in the next month with all these empty school days.


It's really possible to ride Diamondback 30 times and other rides at KI. I've seen it happen a BUNCH of times haha. Unfortunately for Dan and Joey they went on the crappiest day..

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I've been on Silver Bullet a total of 51 times and Xcelerator 39 times over the last two years.


In one day, I've gone on Silver Bullet 10 times. 5 times in the afternoon, 5 times at night. On another day, I rode Xcelerator 10 times in a row within the first hour the park was open.

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