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Favorite Batman Themed Rollercoaster

favorite Batman ride?  

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  1. 1. favorite Batman ride?

    • Batman : The Ride (SFGAdv and Clones)
    • Batman : The Ride (SF Mexico)
    • Batwing (SFA)
    • The Dark Knight Coaster (SFGAm & SFGAdv)
    • Batman : Dark Knight (SFNE)
    • Other

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Whats your favorite rollercoaster at a Six Flags park themed to Batman? Mine is Batwing at SFA! Vote and comment if you want too. I decided not to include villain themed coasters such as Joker's Jinx or Riddler's Revenge.

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I've been on:

-Batwing. I loved Batwing but it wasn't the most comfortable coaster.

-Batman: The Ride (GADv). Batmans such a smooth, fun, and intense ride.

-Batman: TDK (GADv). My favorite wild mouse.

-Batman:TDK (SFNE). This Batman failed to impress me. It was short and I got a good amount of head banging in the corkscrews.


My vote goes to Batman: The Ride for the reasons said above.

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I've ridden Batman: The Ride at SFOT and The Dark Knight coaster at SFGAm. Obviously I'll go with Batman at SFOT...it packs a good punch and is very disorienting - I wish I hadn't skipped it when I went to SFGAm! Batman: The Dark Knight at SFNE does look pretty good, but I'm not sure I'd take it over B: TR even if I had ridden it.

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My ranking of the Batman related coasters I've been on:


*Riddler's Revenge

1. Batman The Ride (SFStL)

2. Batman-The Dark Knight

3. Batman The Ride (SFMM)

4. Batman The Ride (SFGAdv)

*Gotham City Gauntlet Escape From Arkham Asylum

*Catwoman's Whip

5. Dark Knight


Since we're not counting villain themed coasters, I'll go with Batman-The Dark Knight. Although I do like St. Louis's Batman The Ride better, I have a feeling that if all of them were averaged out they'll fall below Batman-The Dark Knight. To put this into perspective, Riddler's Revenge is a must ride when I visit SFMM, Batman The Rides and Batman-The Dark Knight are not must rides but I'll try to ride them every visit, I'd ride Gotham City Gauntlet if the wait is relatively short, Catwoman's Whip I don't care about riding again, but I would if I was with someone else who wanted to, but I'm content to never ride Dark Knight again (at least the Great Adventure version...I still need the credit at the other two parks).

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1) Batwing

2) Batman the Ride (Six Flags Great Adventure)

3) Batman: Dark Knight

4) Dark Knight (Six Flags Great Adventure)


Six Flags America was pretty disappointing for me, especially since Superman was closed all day, but Batwing was a lot better than I expected. The restraints were snug, but they weren't uncomfortable. And the forces during the ride were incredible! I especially loved the switch over to the flying position followed by the first drop.


In my most recent visit to Six Flags Great Adventure, Batman the Ride was a disappointment. Not only was the capacity terrible (one train with only the front half open), but there was a lot of headbanging during the second half of the ride. I'm hoping I just caught the ride on a bad day since it was amazing three years ago when I first rode it.


Of all the Batmans, I've definitely been on SFNE's version the most. As others have mentioned, the zero-G roll is easily the ride's best element and one of the best around. However, the ride is pretty short and not as intense as the other two Batmans above it in my opinion.


Lastly, the Dark Knight is my favorite wild mouse and a pretty fun coaster, but it doesn't hold a candle to its bigger Batman brothers.

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Various Batman rides I've been on:


Batman: The Ride - SFGAdv

The Dark Knight - SFGAdv

Batwing - SFA

Batman: The Dark Knight - SFNE

(I've also been on GCGEFAA and Catwoman's Whip, but I suppose those don't count)


Out of those, I'd say my favourite is Batman: The Dark Knight at SFNE. It's a fun little custom floorless that I feel is often overlooked. I actually prefer that ride to bigger floorless coasters like Dominator.

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Batman: The Ride (and clones). B&M got it right on their very first attempt.


Batman: Knight Flight and Batman & Robin :The Chiller were also excellent, although the former is now Dominator at King's Dominion, while the latter is somewhere in South America- presumably still in pieces and still without the zero-g rolls that made it what it was.

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I have only been on 2 Batman-themed rides. One is Batman: The Ride at SFGAdv, and the other Dark Knight at SFGAdv.


For the actual ride experience, definitely B:TR. And I guess, Dark Knight for best themed. To be honest though, when I rode Dark Knight, I thought the theming was so half-a**ed. I mean, I understand it IS Six Flags. But I mean, you couldn't actually SEE any of the theming, because it was placed in bad spots and the lighting was messed up. Even my brother, who is NOT an enthusiast at all, said that the theming wasn't well done. Sorry for being so negative...

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No surprise that the invert is winning this poll by a ton. Can't beat a classic, more intense B&M invert with the great soundtrack in the queue to go with it.


Agreed--easily the most forceful rides that B&M ever built (along with Nemesis).

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