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Favorite roller coaster?

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My favorite coaster is Maverick. It changed what I look for in a coaster, which other than taking the number one spot really made me rethink my top 10. The intensity just blew me away, and I loved every second of it. Why don't more rides have Stengel Dives? Of course, I haven't ridden many amazing coasters, mostly just B&M, but big hills and lots of loops don't matter to me anymore - I just like a ride that packs a punch


You don't seem to be keeping track of wood coasters separately, but if you do, my favorite woodie is Prowler.

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Skyrush was great, but still didn't top my favorite ride.


Maverick is by far the best coaster I have been on. It had everything! Drops, speed, insane transitions, inversions and turns.


If you are going to do a separate category for wood, The Voyage takes the cake.

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El Toro - SFGAdv


Discerningly quick lift hill that doesn't really give you time to prepare yourself (especially on your first ride)

Absolutely breathtaking first drop

Crazy insane ejector air time in all seats that you can really feel in your stomach, especially the back


Gives great sense of speed, especially with the twisting finale

Intamin "farting" sound as the upstop wheels slam against the tracks


I base my decision on how repeatable/memorable the ride experience is. I love S:RoS at SFA, but I can easily get bored with I ride it too much. El Toro, never never gets old... plus it's just better anyway

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El Toro would take the top spot for me.


From the first drop to the end of the ride, it's all about intensity and airtime. Crazy ejector airtime on almost all the hills and it contains the greatest moment of airtime I've ever experienced...the Rolling Thunder Hill. I'm pretty sure that hill could launch someone into orbit.

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Thunderbolt at Kennywood.


-The most intense Airtime I've ever experienced anywhere



-Terrain hugging


The Voyage at Holiday World might take the top spot once I ride it, that POV has me hooked!

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