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Amusing Theme Park / Ride Mishaps and Misfortunes

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It seems like all of my mishaps take place at Six Flags Over Georgia.


I know a few people like it, but from the first time I ever rode Ninja, it's been one of my two least favorite coasters. It's rough, and not in a fun way. So imagine my joy when my friend and I decide to ride it (more like he dragged me onto it...) and when it comes back to the station, it brakes just a liiiittle too far. The only logical solution is to send us through again!


I don't know if I've ever heard a train actively groan and wish they had some other option before or since then.


Not mine, but the same friend once got stuck on the post-lift turnaround on Mindbender with his sister. They were there for 30-45 minutes before they could get down. Despite both of these stories (and one instance of me being dehydrated), we're planning a trip to SFOG for April.

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Falling down while crossing an Arrow looper train. Before I rode Dragon at Ocean Park HK for the first time, I was kind of scared. While I crossed the train to out my things down, I fell down and hit the floor pretty hard.


Maybe I just hate to step on a roller coaster seat, there were plenty of times when I almost fall down while crossing the train to put down my bag. Especially Arrow loopers and Premier coasters.

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The Rapids at Drayton Manor Park can be amusing, there is one section that is quite wide which causes the boats to sometimes slow down with the current through the ride, and in turn sometimes enables the boat to get stuck in this section too if your boat spins or slows down wrongly, On one such ride, I think 4(YES 4) boats passed us before we were finally bumped by another boat and continued on our way, At least we got some good extended ride time and had a good laugh at the end of it when we finally got off

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