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We will be travelling to Italy in September. We will be staying in Florence and were considering visiting Gardaland or Mirabilandia. We will be going with our 4 year old son and thus the most important for us are those rides which children are allowed to use as probably we will only go on those rides. Which park do you suggest?

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From my opinion, I would say to go to Gardaland. I'm not sure how much it has changed since I last went, but I do recall seeing a large area for small children and other attractions around the park. It has a nice surrounding to it, and that's another great thing about it.

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Personally I would choose Mirabilandia as the coasters there are some of the best I have been on.


But with a child I think Gardaland will be your best choice as most of the rides there are more oriented for familys and I think he will have a better time there.

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Is your 4 year old adventurous and like rides?


If so, Mirabilandia is the obvious choice as they have lower height restrictions for full size coasters as well as several nice kiddie rides.


Gardaland has better theming, but Mirabilandia has a ton of rides and shows as well geared for children.


KT has visited both parks as a 3 and 5 year old and preferred Mirabilandia.

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It may not be important that much, but...


When TPR was there in 2010, I thought (and saw)

that families with strollers and even riding scooters,

managed to get around Mirabilandia much, much

easier than Gardaland, which did have it's

share of slight and sharp 'slopes' on it's (sometimes)

narrow pathways.


There was a lot of walking around at Mirabilandia,

but it was mainly level, IMhO, and some good patches of

greenery here and there.


That may work into your plans, also.

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