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Photo TR: East Coast Bash 2012 Kings Dominion

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Great photos! This was also my first TPR Event. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. I am looking forward to next year.


On a side note, the singing competition was great, especially Cliff!

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Awesome pictures. I learned my lesson about TPR Bohemian Rhapsody at WCB though... NEVER EVER go against Cliff. I was standing next to him and he won by a landslide... and I ###### up the lyrics somehow even though I have heard it a billion times. I agree with everyone though, a TPR event is a must!

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Everytime I see Dominator in its new home, I'm reminded of how it was tailor made for its former location at Geauga Lake. You could literally grab the marsh grass as you zoomed past over the water, so seeing its new location kind of kills me. I'm glad, however, that such a good ride got such a good home at a park where more people can appreciate its awesomeness. I happily own a piece of the ride (I grew up near GL) and found a bolt for the ride that was left behind in the parking lot. Great report, amazing photography!

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Heh, I had to leave lunch early, so I missed the fact that I seemed to be one of the two guys that tied for the high school on Boo Blasters with a score to 2010. I have no idea how I got that, either; I usually suck at shoot out games. But I had my boyfriend in the car next to me, and we do tend to get pretty competitive. He usually beats me, and he had a score of 1980. He claims he was beating me for most of the ride, but I hit either a lot of targets at the end, or some sort of high point target, because I pulled ahead of him at the last minute.


I did already contact Rob, and I'm okay missing out on the poster. Just wanted my 5 minutes of glory, though.

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Great report! Loving the pictures of I305 with the slightly fish-eyed camera lens.

Quick question though: Does Hurler have more airtime than Grizzly?


Not a chance.

I noticed none really on Hurler (didnt feel much fo anything except some violent shots in the turns) while Grizzly in the back row...my ass was off the seat a godo 2 inches. Legit feeling of fear the first time!

It has some good ejector over the drops, and some forceful turns. Honestly...I could say its my 2nd fav at KD...yes over Volcano :O

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Awesome report of an awesome day. And fyi that was my little sister who did the Bohemian Rhapsody sing off and she is quite a good singer. Intimidator 305 is easily the best and most intense coaster I have ever been on. It was awesome how friendly everybody was. We had a lot of fun hanging out with Cliff and his friend (can't remember his name) towards the end of the night.

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