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Photo TR: East Coast Bash 2012 Kings Dominion

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Saturday August 4th, I attended my first TPR event and second roller coaster enthusiast event. East Coast Bash at Kings Dominion. It was also my first time going to Kings Dominion, which means new credits I racked up!


I don't know what else to say here other than I had an amazing time at the event, and would absolutely love to attend another hosted by TPR. Anyone who went to the event may remember seeing a sweaty black kid with a DSLR and ClubTPR shirt. Yep, that was me.


Just a word of warning before I go into pictures, I may have used my fisheye lens a little too much during this event. I thought I should have brought and used it since other people would and already have taken thousands of other standard photos of the same things. So why not try something different from what everyone else would be doing... I'm saying this because I understand that not everyone is a fan of wide-angle photos. That's okay, because I have standard and zoomed photos mixed in as well.


Either way, I hope you can enjoy what I have.



I have arrived!


The morning consisted of getting checked-in by Robb himself, getting our vouchers, and getting in the park.


Soon, we were led straight to the back to ride one of the most badass coasters on this planet.


Dale Earnhardt: THE RIDE!


Did I mention this was my first time on an Intamin giga... besides a bad experience I had on Superman:ROS at Six Flags America involving a stapled lap bar.


First coaster of the day. First ride on I305. Fell in love with it after greying out on the first turn!


Next ride was Volcano. First Intamin inverted coaster (let alone one that launches).


The ride is great! I really wish there were more inverted launched coasters out there in the world other than the shuttle versions of these. The 3 rolls were sweet!


I wasn't a big fan of it crushing my privates though...


Benefit of ERT! :D This was when I was in line for the second ride.


Then I came back for more I305, because the first ride wasn't enough!


Raise your hands if this ride has airtime.


Seriously, the drop was epic, the heavy turns were intense, the transitions were insane, and the airtime was beautiful! It's an all around beautiful roller coaster that I wouldn't mind re-riding until I passed out of exhaustion!

... (Okay, maybe not really.)


Robb's in the back seat, right side in this photo.


I was trying to get used to faster shutter speeds on my camera. I had to switch to my fastest speed because this coaster 'flew' through the course.


0.5 seconds later.


I wish I could identify the people that are in my photos.


Soon the regular folks came in. Since I got my 4 laps on I305, it was time to move on to another coaster.


It was time for another one of my favorites. (This photo came out MUCH better than I had expected it to!)


16 years. Sixteen Years Old!!! As long as this thing has been around, it wows me every time!


After Flight of Fear, I rode I305 again for the heck of it, and then headed towards Drop Tower. I got my first credit on Italian Jo- err, I mean, Backlot Stunt Coaster.


It's a very cute coaster. Not as amazing as I expected it to be, but I kinda liked it.


These are, hands down, my favorite amusement park flat rides ever.


Have I bored you with too many photos yet? Hope not. Soon the Boo Blasters challenge commenced.


A woman tallied our scored so we could win prizes when we met for lunch. I scored 1440.


I soon rode a few flats like Berserker and The Crypt. The Crypt was my first "true" top spin, and boy was it crazy! That finale had my head spinning!


A few skips later, and TPR lunch started.


Virtually anything I've ever read about TPR quests were true. They were fun to watch and participate!


There was alcohol (I didn't drink any, I'm 18!), there was running, and there was a moment when Robb asked contestants to be the first to bring up Club TPR shirts. The guy who borrowed the one I was wearing was second to reach him.


There was also tv-less karaoke. They sung Bohemian Rhapsody, and some were surprisingly good at it!


I'd like to thank this man right here. I apologize that I can't remember his name, but he helped make this event great!


I braved Crypt again due to its really short lines after lunch ended. Then I headed over to I305 to be ready for the backstage tour.


Gotta go fast.


When I arrived, everybody was hanging out in the gift shop because of the heat.


Soon, though, the tour began.


Again, in an attempt to be different, I used "the eye" lens.


Everyone got up close and personal with the rotating drum.


Soon Robb got us all to gather for the group photo, which was posted to the TPR Facebook page. I laughed when I saw my face blocked out by a hand!


When everyone was ready to take more photos of the coaster, the next train stopped on the lift. Low and behold, two guys everyone knew was in the backseat at the time!


Robb told everyone to boo at them, so they did.


How's it going!


Soon the train got going though. They cleared the line for I305, and there was a very short line in front of the entrance, so I hopped in. It only took them half an hour for them to fix it and let people back on. What changed was that the operators warned people to keep their shoes on while on the ride.


Eventually, I rode my first Windseeker. It was the most gentle ride I rode in the park, and was needed due to the amount of walking and intense coaster riding I've been doing all day. This ride's line also went really quick. It looked like a long wait, but I was on within two ride cycles.


Hurler wasn't as bad of a ride as people said it would be. Maybe I got a good seat on it? I dunno, but I wouldn't mind re-riding it in the same seat. (Third car, front row.) Also, the line for this ride was empty.


Soon I went up the Eiffel Tower since it didn't have a wait.




Tiny people on gigantic ride!


Then the line for Dominator shortened, so I jumped at the chance to get in line. I got in line for the front seat, and loved it!


I met with my dad and my brother later, who spent their time in the hotel and came in at some random time during the day. We first rode Rebel Yell together.


Here's me, a sweaty dork who's almost too shy to be in front of his own camera, waiting in line for Grizzly. Might I mention that we passed the path that led to Grizzly 4 times before we realized we had to go through the Dinosaurs Alive gift shop to get on it. >=-(


Since my brother has never heard of Flight of Fear and was interested to ride it, that's what we did.


We ate pizza later and watched the nighttime fireworks light up behind Anaconda (a coaster I should have gone on). Then they told me their goodbyes and left me to finish the event with Nighttime ERT.


I was on the first lights-on train of the Flight of Fear lights-on ERT. it was cool being able to see, and it seemed to go even faster through the course.


Then came my last ride on I305.


It was actually pitch black out there, which made it really creepy.


I ended up on the last train on Intimidator, and there was only one other person on it with me!


I quick walked over to Dominator where Robb was getting everybody hyped for their last rides of the night. I finally got 3 more laps on it!


And thus ends my super long trip treport.

I'd like to send a huge thank you to Robb, Elissa, everyone who attended the event, and the staff & management of Kings Dominion for making this day awesome! I had a great time, and would love to attend another TPR hosted event sometime in the future!


Edit: Forgot the coaster count!

Intimidator 305: 7

Volcano: 2

Flight of Fear: 3

Backlot Stunt Coaster: 1

Hurler: 1

Dominator: 4

Shockwave: 1 (By the way, I actually enjoyed this coaster. It's not the smoothest, most comfortable coaster, but it's not that bad!)

Rebel Yell: 1

Grizzly: 1

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Awesome photos! I was standing right next to you in the photo you used "the eye" lens on during I305 backstage. I'm also the right most Karaoke singer.


This was my first TPR event and I'm totally hooked now. Hopefully I'll be financially ready for a tour next year. Honestly the best time I have ever had at a park.

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Great pictures from what looked like another fantastic TPR event. I've had a half circuit lights on ride on Flight of Fear at kings Island one morning but would love a full out ERT session. Sometimes indoor coasters are scarier with the lights on because of the added head choppers and transitions you can't see (FoF, Space Mountain). I've always thought Flight of Fear was a tad bit underrated too, after the lab bar only modifications to the trains that thing became so much fun, great launch, great inversions, great transitions, great little all round ride.

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Very impressive trip report! I Completely agree about hurler and shockwave. They are not that bad. Hurler especially. I think that kd is just a perfectly well rounded park, and with I305 to top it off, id say it competes with CP as my favorite park.

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Great photo's. Not sure if I had the chance to meet you but if not ... hey ... what's up!!!


I know a lot of people were complaining about Greying out on I305, I honestly didn't get any of that. In fact, I got tunnel vision more inside the show building of Verbolten than I305. Go figure. (Must be a darkness thing).


I love this picture ... I'm still shocked (and proud) that I tied Cliff.

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Hey there, I enjoy photography a lot and you had some great fish-eye lens photos. Sometimes having a super wide angle lens captures the most inspiring, dramatic scenes. Because there is so much in front of the camera, there is usually never a boring photo. The "fish-eye" perspective adds a level of interest on its own. So I thank you for some very interesting photos. You planted the seed for myself to look at purchasing a wide angle lens.


I was at the event for both days and had a great time. I went to WCB 2012 and ECB 2010 and there never was a dull moment. I wish everyone could experience them.


Looking forward to WCB 2013!

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Great photo's. Not sure if I had the chance to meet you but if not ... hey ... what's up!!!


I know a lot of people were complaining about Greying out on I305, I honestly didn't get any of that. In fact, I got tunnel vision more inside the show building of Verbolten than I305. Go figure. (Must be a darkness thing).


I love this picture ... I'm still shocked (and proud) that I tied Cliff.

You and Cliff downed those cups before I could finish focusing! That was fast!

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