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[RCT3] Kings Paradise

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(Creator Comments: The custom supports look like shiz, don't kill me.)

Then you shouldn't post it.


Im going to repost what I said in another thread:


You posted 3x in a row. This has gone way to far.


I understand you want to show us your park and you are proud of what you have built, but you need to cool the jets a bit. As said before, quality > quantity. You're giving no quality, just quantity and hoping that other people (or your other profiles) comment on them. Try this - look at a park that your really like - for me, I liked ShyGuy's Parks, I looked at how he did his updates and the QUALITY of his posts. When ShyGuy would post once a week, maybe once a month, everyone would go crazy! Here, we have nothing. I think you need to take some time and look at parks who you enjoy, or inspire you, and see how they post/provide updates.

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It's past the 24 hour rule for each of these updates, which technically is OK.


HOWEVER, I don't see alot worth posting in any of these updates. Please stop double posting NOW. You've been asked nicely by other users of the forum, now do it.


As for the rest of you. Please do NOT use the report post for stuff like this. A simple PM to any of the Mod Team will suffice.

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Ok, guys. I apologize for what happened ok? I won't double post anymore.




Year: 1992


If we accelerate time to the early 90s, many additions have come to King's Paradise!


In 1991, the park managed to score a used roller coaster that was originally in the U.S state fair circuit. It is an S.D.C "Hurricane/Windstorm" model coaster. S.D.C Hurricanes are compact, non-looping steel rollercoasters known for their small footprints and exciting ride experience!


When Hurricane opened, it was VERY popular with the families. In my opinion, this is a great "starter" coasters for kids that want to get on bigger rides and roller coasters, but don't want to start too extreme. It dosen't go upside down, but it's swooping drops, tight turns and the steep twist makes for one thrilling ride!


Also, shortly after Steel Python was built, the park managed somehow to construct a manmade mountain out of mostly composite materials. It looks nice, don't get me wrong, but what in the world would they use it for? My guess is an indoor dark ride or an arcade....


1992 also saw the addition of Acrophobia, a slingshot ride that reaches heights up to 230 feet tall, giving the park a more X-Treme edge!


And finally...I must announce that the park is planning something extraordinary. The project, dubbed "Project 93" is said to be the biggest addition the the park yet...I can't give any details at all about Project 93. But I can tell you......


Kings Paradise's skyline will forever change.


And just in case your wondering. At this point in time, Taft/KECO has indeed been bought out by Paramount Pictures, and KECO's other parks have indeed become "Paramount Parks" except Kings Paradise. And here is the supposed reason why Kings Paradise is not a Paramount Park yet, a private landowner supposedly flashed the general manager some SERIOUS money and proposed that he buy the park, but there are some legal issues floating around. And Paramount/KECO is going through negotiations on who exactly owns this park, Them or the private company. For the time being, Kings Paradise remained open, without the Paramount prefix.



(Creator comments: I'm actually quite satisfied with how Hurricane came out, It looks much more realistic than Steel Python in my opinion.I've tried several times in Rct2 and Rct3, a realistic SDC Hurricane is nigh-impossible to make. But with some modifications, I made it work and look somewhat like the real thing at the same time.)

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Personally, I like the SDC Hurricane. But I don't really like the mountain, it just doesn't look nice with the grass on it.


Yeah...I see where your coming from. I actually repainted the mountain to all snow and ice in the later years of the park and you know what, Its also realistic to do because the mountain is probably made out of fibreglass and polystyrene.

And I'm glad you like Hurricane because I am not lying to you when I say it was REALLY HARD to make it look realistic.


=======================================================================================================Year: 1993 pre-season


Just take a look at this preview, looks pretty awesome!



The tallest and fastest coaster in the Rockies has arrived!

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I'm not a big fan of Z Force or Steel Python. Z Force looks way to large and the other hills look bad in my opinion. And I dislike Steel Python 's supports. Z Force needs some serious work. If it were an out and back, it would be better.

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From now on, all points of critisism and praise will be addressed before an update


That looks ridiculously disproportionate to the rest of your attractions in your park, and it really looks out of place. Aesthetically magnum and Steel Phantom looked good, this just isn't doing it for me. The placement of the supports is part of it...


Well, techically, you could say that when Steel Force opened at Dorney in 1997 that it being the only 200ft tall ride in the park it looks disproportionate. And like I said before, I take inspiration from predominatly King's Dominion, Cedar Point and Dorney.


I'm not a big fan of Z Force or Steel Python. Z Force looks way to large and the other hills look bad in my opinion. And I dislike Steel Python 's supports. Z Force needs some serious work. If it were an out and back, it would be better.


I agree with you about Steel Python because I definetly feel I was rushing when I made it. It's definetly not my favorite ride in the park and you know what, when the 2000s come along at this park, it may very well suffer the same fate as many other Arrow loopers. Z-Force is techically an Out and Back coaster and it's large because it's what its meant to be, a Hypercoaster. I specifically did not want to do a Steel Force clone, I wanted to go for an original design.


Personally, I am not a big fan of the last picture, as the drop looks really bad. I like your idea and what you are going for, but it just doesn't look great here.


Thanks! I was really trying to go for an old-school Arrow hyper coaster, not a Morgan. My main inspirations for Z-Force are Pepsi Max-The Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Magnum XL-200. Unfortunatly the limitations in RCT do keep me from making rides look like they do in real life, but I just have to work with what I have.




Year 1993


The long awaited Z-Force coaster is finally opened to the public, and let me tell you the public is LOVING it!


This is probably the shortest the line has been all day. Earlier, people were waiting OUTSIDE the queue line, and they were operating three trains!


The swooping first drop which brings the train to a top speed of 77mph! after that, there is a series of hills which are supposed to have feirce airtime!


But one of the most thrilling sections of the ride occurs AFTER the Mid Course Brake Run when the train plunges into a deep,dark tunnel, where the on-ride picture is taken.


After the tunnel drop, the train emerges and enters a helix around the support latticework, where a coaster element known as a "headchopper" occurs. Notice how everyone ducks and puts their hands down!!! It has actually been reported a person over 7 feet tall actually hit their hand on the support beam, leaving him or her with a severly broken wrist. But It was later proved as nothing more than an urband legend.


Nice picture at sunset, obviously Hurricane was feeling rather photogenic today!



Next Update hint: KP becomes PKP.

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Just because a ride is large doesn't mean you have to make it look disproportionate to everything around it...the Hyper just isn't very good. It looks ridiculous compared to everything around it in a bad way. I'd say try to start over with it, because as it stands, it just doesn't fit in at all with the park.



See? While still remaining a dominant figure in the picture, this hyper managed to keep its scale and look like it belongs. Also, I supported this with NO custom scenery.


Try to mess around with layouts and scale, and may be try to put more work into each update and/or add more in between because the park is still just meh. As well as addressing the criticism people give you, you should really try to implement some of their suggestions.

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Nice and Z force looks a lot better


Thanks! I personally believe the freelook cam makes for better pictures.


Just because a ride is large doesn't mean you have to make it look disproportionate to everything around it...the Hyper just isn't very good. It looks ridiculous compared to everything around it in a bad way. I'd say try to start over with it, because as it stands, it just doesn't fit in at all with the park. See? While still remaining a dominant figure in the picture, this hyper managed to keep its scale and look like it belongs. Also, I supported this with NO custom scenery.

Try to mess around with layouts and scale, and may be try to put more work into each update and/or add more in between because the park is still just meh. As well as addressing the criticism people give you, you should really try to implement some of their suggestions.


You know, I still don't see how Z-Force is too big for the park, Kings Dominon is a medium-sized park, and I understand how i305 looks rather large compared to the other rides in the park, but Z-Force is 210ft tall, not 305. And besides the park already has a 225ft tall slingshot ride.

I do try to fix up the park as much as I can to make better pictures, it can be as complex as adding better supports, or it could be as simple as adding a few trees.



Era 3: Park owned by Paramount Parks

Year: 1994


By 1994, negotiations between Paramount Parks and the private landowner that was planning on buying Kings Paradise were complete and Paramount legaly owns the park. As it turns out, the private landowner procured his money in a less-than-legal way, making the sale null and void. Kings Paradise is now Paramount's Kings Paradise!


I forsee many great things coming to the park in future years!


But I must tell you guys that I will not be telling this park's story anymore. Instead from now on the updates will be told from the point-of-view of a young coaster enthusiast from Denver,Colorado, in which him and his family will take periodic trips to Paramount's Kings Paradise.

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Like you said another Paramount Park. I love the story telling of your park. Keep up the great work.


Thanks! I try my best!


Z-Force's scale is off. Compared to the rest of the park, it looks like it's about the height of Millennium Force.


But the thing is, it's only 210 feet high! not 300! I'm trying to make this thing actually be realistic by ACTUALLY making Z-Force a Hypercoaster. (200ft, 70mph). SoCal's coaster looks good in the fact that he custom supportted it very nicely, but it seems a little small actually. I understand where your going at when you say it looks tall compared to every other coaster, seeing as how Steel Python is the only other coaster that breaks the 100ft ceiling. But still...It just dosen't make sense to me how you can build a hypercoaster and not have it be 200ft tall.




Year: 1996



My name is Robbie, I'm 14 years old and there is nothing I LOVE more than riding roller coasters. I don't understand how ANYONE can be afraid of roller coasters because they are like, the COOLEST things ever!

I live in the big city of Denver,Colorado with my Mom, Dad and my younger sister by two years, Melanie. Melanie can be a bit iffy with roller coasters, but she enjoys the ones she likes. I have been to both the old and the new Elitch Gardens in my lifetime, and just last year we took our first trip to the new one! And I liked it just as much as the old one! I have also taken trips to Disneyland in the past, and unfortunatly, Elitch Gardens and Disneyland are the only Parks I've really been too over the years, but there is one amusement park that I always wanted to go to.


Paramount's Kings Paradise in Laramie, Wyoming. This place looks awesome!! It has several roller coasters and thrill rides. And the main attraction, the Z-Force roller coaster is one of the Top 15 Steel roller coasters in America and the tallest and fastest roller coaster in the entire Rocky Mountain region which we live in! I'm still trying to convince my folks to take a family vacation at PKP.


Especially since I saw THIS in a magazine ad!

This must be the new coaster for next year, and It looks badass!



Hopefully I can convince my Mom and Dad to go on vacation to Paramount's Kings Paradise next year!


(creator comments: What do you know? Setting the textures to low detail has its uses!)

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If anyone's been to Valleyfair, I think Z Force will immediately make you think of Wild Thing there. It towers over everything else at the park.


I think some of you nitpick, just to nitpick.


Yeah, even though I try to follow all points of advice, some people just don't like my park, and frankly, that's their perogative.


^I agree with you about Wild Thing. Z-Force looks nice in the park, if you ask me .


Thank you




Year: 1997


Hi! It's Robbie again! Guess what?! I DID IT! I finally convinced my parents to go to Paramount's Kings Paradise! And let me tell you, that trip was AWE-SOME!


Trip report: Day 1


We woke up early and got on the road by 7:30, and we dealt with a horrible amount of morning rush hour traffic going out of Denver.


Resturaunt=FINALLY able to get out of the car!


Then, after 2 hours and 20 minutes of driving, we finally arrived in Laramie, WY and passed the stately Paramount's Kings Paradise sign!


After passing the sign, we could see some of the park's coasters!


A few hours after we checked into the hotel and got settled into our room, we decided to finally go to the park!


The first roller coaster me and Melanie rode was the red train to the Racer, it was about a 30 minute wait to get on. I personally liked it, but Melanie vouched not to go on again because it was too bumpy for her, she dosen't understand that woodies are supposed to be that way!


Racer was fun and all, but what I REALLY want to head to was for the Z-Force coaster. Up ahead we saw a MASSIVE line for the Acrophobia slingshot ride. It looks like a lot of fun, but there is no way I'm waiting 2 and a half hours to go on it.


Z-Force had literally NO LINE, even though It was probably one of the more well-known attractions at the park! Good for us!

We sat in the first row of the second car.


One word, AWESOME. Me and Mel both loved this coaster. It was fast and FULL of ejector air! In fact, it became our mutual favorite coaster from that point forward!


We went on the Venom Rail standing coaster next, we were literally the only ones on that ride! It was a little rough for a steel coaster and Melanie thought she was going to fly out of the train!


Next, we went on the new coaster for 1997, Star Trek-The Ride. It looks really interesting!


The station and queue line was obviously space-age themed. The monitors on the sides of the walls played two episodes of the original Star Trek series on a loop which seems like a nice touch to me, seeing as how I enjoyed the episodes I've watched in the past.


When we got into the train, I found out that Melanie wasn't fully aware of the concept of "Launched Coasters" so I decided to screw around with her a litttle.


Yes, I know I'm an evil person. '


My personal favorite part of the ride was the Cobra Roll/Immelmann combo after the launch!


The corkscrew at the end was very intense!


Unfortunatly, It was beginning to get kind of late, so we decided to call it a day and go back to the hotel, so we can go back to the park tommorrow!


This was the view I got outside my hotel room window! Nice, isn't it?


Day 2 coming soon!

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Why is Star Trek not indoors? Oh well, looks good!


Thank you! But Star Trek was built to be an outdoor Premeir LIM pasta bowl, not an indoor one.


Please dont pull a King Cobra on us....Keep Venom Rail!


Don't worry....Venom Rail isn't going anywhere anytime soon.



Year: 1997


Trip Report: Day 2



Me and my family got to the park around 9:30, the time that it opened. Unfortunatly, it was raining all night and it was still drizzling that morning, the only roller coaster that was open was the standing coaster; Venom Rail, so we went on that first.


Mircaculously, after we got off Venom Rail, it stopped raining and all the other coasters opened back up!

You know what? despite its roughness, Venom Rail is a good coaster!


Next on the agenda? Star Trek-The Ride! Melanie reluctantly went on again even though she's still pissed off at me for yesterday.


This and Z-Force are probably the best coasters in the whole park!


After Star Trek, we decided to go on more coasters that we didn't go on yesterday, like the Steel Python coaster.


Steel Python was really fun! A little slow paced, but thrilling nonetheless. Unfortunatly, a sudden thunderstorm put a damper on the rest of the morning. We decided to get our hands stamped and leave the park for a few hours.


But around 2:30PM, the rain cleared and we went back to the park! Z-Force was the next stop!


Still one of my favorites!


Then, we went to the horror-themed section of the park to ride the other wooden coaster, named ThunderStrike. I heard many good things about this coaster!


Here we go!!!!!


ThunderStrike was fun and all, but a bit overrated in my opinion. The first drop and airtime hill was extremley fun, but after the first heilix, it just seemed very slow paced and rough. At some point, they probably retrofitted it with brakes.


After that, we were in for a real treat. Acrophobia had literally NO LINE! We took advantage of that and got on the ride!


Acrophobia was pretty cool! Getting the feeling of free-falling was really cool! Even Melanie liked it and I thought she'd be afraid!


However, it got pretty late, so we ended our trip with a celebratory final ride on the Racer!



Then, the next morning, we drove back home. We all dreaded this day, but all vacations have to come to an end, unfortunatly


This was the last view I saw of Paramount's Kings Paradise I saw as we went back home. Hopefully we will be there again in the not-so-distant future.


This is how I would rate the coasters at PKP

Racer: 8/10 A classic racing out-and-back woodie, what else can I say?

Venom Rail: 7.5/10 A little on the rough side, but really fun!

ThunderStrike: 7/10 I personally think this coaster is overrated but it wasn't bad at all.

Steel Python: 8/10 A tried-and-true steel looping coaster! Nice inversions and overall good ride!

Hurricane: It was broken down both days I went, so unfortunatly. I can't rate this.

Junior Racer: Baby coaster, NEXT!

Z-Force: 10/10 WOOOHOOO This ride is good as hell! huge-ass drop, lots of airtime! I LOVE this ride!

Star Trek-The Ride: Hands down, my FAVORITE coaster! The launch is powerful as hell and the inversions are just as thrilling!



Since no one posted, I might as well add the next update to this one.


Year: 1998


It's Robbie again! Its been a year since I've been to PKP. This year, we took a trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain and Disneyland instead. But after seeing THIS on a coupon to Paramount's Kings Paradise, That settles it! We HAVE to go back next year!!!!



I can't friggin' wait to ride this!!


(Creator comments: Ok, who honestly did not see this coming? Big manmade mountain suddenly pops up in the park, unused for several years....My original plan was to put an indoor roller coaster in the park, similar to X:\ No Way Out at Thorpe Park in the mountain, but in the end I decided to do a Top Gun themed coaster based off of Volcano.)

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Year: 1999







Hello! It's Robbie again! After hearing about the new Top Gun coaster. I realized that I HAD to go back to Paramount's Kings Paradise to ride it! Now It's the beginning of September so here I am! One last fling before school starts! The first thing I saw was droves of people clamoring to the edge of the park where the mountain is.





Me and my sister decided to ride the coaster, but unfortunatly we were met with probably the longest line I have ever seen for a roller coaster.....we surely wasted an hour and a half waiting to go on.








But it was worth it





After a turn out of the station, the train slows down then suddenly accellerates to 72 miles per hour faster than you can blink!





This overbanked turn is very intense, much more intense than it looks.





Then, the train re-enters the mountain and a second launch accellerates the train again, bursting out into a massive Immelmann loop!





Just like it's sister coaster, Volcano-The Blast Coaster at Paramount's Kings Dominion, the train goes through a series of in-line twists and goes into a spiraling plunge into the mountain, but this ride has a trick up its sleeve.





Instead of a brakerun, a giant Wraparound Corkscrew was put in place! The only other roller coaster to have this inversion is Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens Europe, which unfortunatly is no longer running. A final turn and brakerun follows this.





Its safe to say that Top Gun: The Jet Coaster is my new favorite roller coaster here at PKP!





Another thing I noticed was that near Z-Force, a rather large plot of land was cleared. I've been hearing rumors that for 2000, they will expand the park to the north and add probably a resturaunt and a few more flat rides. Of course these are just rumors....




I hope to be here again soon!

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