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Hello fellow tycoons,


Since I got a new system and there have been improvements in the game, I thought I'd try my hand at 3 again after more than 7 years of leaving it to one side.


Here is my first full-blown build as it is so far: Avalon



This park is roughly divided into three sections: Front, Middle, Back.


Up front we have the the "amusement" section where the biggest coasters and thrill rides, where the "noisey" ones are put.


The Middle section is still an amusement park, but has water rides, gentle rides and peacful gardens and "civic" stuff like the City Library. It is much like Bushe Gardens experience. It is meant to be a cushion for all the noise generated by the front section, more quiet for all the folks who live and work in the back section.


The back section is the "urban" part dominated by three large resorts, but also with planned stores, hi-rise condos, office towers, theaters and night clubs, etc.


Like all my parks, Avalon is not just an amusement park, but a place where people live and work, it's a model for the WORLD and the coasters pay for ALL the city infrastructure, everything!


Here are some screens along the course of it's development and up to where I am today. (Only 5 days after I started...)


Here is a daylight pic of the first resort, The Majestic, I snapped into place from constructing in the Building Designer function in rct3...



I LOVE that building designer tool! I wish they would have had that in rct2 instead of the "Coaster Designer" you really didn't need, you can just make a special park for that and save the coasters as you build.


That pointed island is "Avalon Island".


Here is a shot of my patented (j/k) "Coaster Bay" layout, the most efficiant way a park can be set up, ten years of building has proven that out to me.


This is early in the park's development and depicted kind of plain here for academic purposes, but you will see how much more has been added...



Here is a stacked, hi-rise ATV track that I ended up putting a glass semi-roof over for lighting purposes. There are street lamps floating, tucked up underneath like a giant lamp...





Here are a few shots of the resort and the pool, pretty much finished for their part, still bare next to them and I have two more large resorts to put in...


An early shot I might as well throw in...



The rest are more finished...







Here is a lighted glass atrium that marks the beginning of the more mellow, "Bushe Gardens" section of the park...



Still needs mass work, but there's the basic structure.



I am so glad they have "generic" stalls, the regular ones are fine for a kiddy carnival, but seriously clash with pretty much everything else!


Here I have put some in a lighted enclosure...




Notice also the lighted glass canopies I put down "Coaster Row", they have street lamps tucked underneath and flash almost like a neon sign and are beautiful in the game, you can see them layed out better in the first screen shot.


I really wish they had more signs and also more lighting, regular fixtures and the ability to select the color of the light emitted... Maybe they have it in CS somewhere.


So, that's basically where I'm at so far, there is a lot I didn't take screens of. There are 5 coasters, 9 thrill rides and about two-dozen stalls put in place so far, with the peeps shut out for now and it is May 3 on the park calender. Right now I'm putting in monorail stations, you can see one in the lower right corner of the last screen shot and a twin in that darker section across the park.




Hope you have enjoyed the park so far and I will keep you guys updated.



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Here are some of the latest projects...


This is the first monorail station I put in place in one corner of the park you can see in the last screen above ^...



The trains stop right inside and there is an info booth and I'll probably put in a candy counter, a souveneir stand and one bathroom even though there are two bathrooms just outside the station.


Next I wanted something a little different, so I opted for a station platform instead of an enclosed building, I think it came out better than my expectations...




"Meet George Jetson..." ^


Here are a couple shots of the area there...




Here is a large street light I'll probably put a clock face on, I have four different varieties of these large four-place lamps...



The other day I was walking through town and saw a nice building, so just tonight I finished this version of it for "professional" services, doctors, dentists (and nausea specialists for the wild coasters. lol)




I can see I need to put some lights behind those windows on the ends and of course it needs more shrubbery, here is a closer look at a more finished entrance.



All these are saved in the building editer and I can snap them in place now as often as I wish, but am saving them to include in other builds I am planning.



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Well, from what I can see, it looks pretty good. But a small tip for you.


1.Rename a peep "David Walsh"

2.Press Ctrl and U in unison

3.The buttons on the sides will be gone and you'll take much better pictures!




you can go into Photoshop or GIMP and crop out the sides.

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Well, from what I can see, it looks pretty good. But a small tip for you.


1.Rename a peep "David Walsh"

2.Press Ctrl and U in unison

3.The buttons on the sides will be gone and you'll take much better pictures!




you can go into Photoshop or GIMP and crop out the sides.


^David Walsh is much more effective.


I really like what I've seen so far!


Thanks guys and that is a great tip Frafoc, thanks!


I wished there was some way of turning off the message menu that can be so annoying and also a way of toggling the screen controls, so thanks a million!


Something else you guys...


I went to that German site and got the basic CS download (it gave me a virus too, I did manage to shake with a system restore) and it gave me some good scenery.


But I have tried a lot of the links in the CS links thread here and can't open most of them, anyone know some good, viable, active sites for downloads? Even park downloads?


Thanks again for the tips and kind words guys!



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Some of the night shots look like Christmas time, looking good keep up the good work.


Lol, Christmas time... is that a good thing or a bad thing?


I am trying to eliminate a lot of those bright yellow flood lights and replace them with multiple white light fixtures where I need some intensity.


I keep the yellow ones off the paths because I don't want the peeps to be blinded or to get sunburn. lol


Here is the latest resort: The Park Plaza Hotel...








There are still some things I will probably do to the place, but it's pretty much there.


Here are a couple sneek peeks at the next resort, The Jet Setter...



Still very much a work in progress.



Dig that crazy pool!



I still have to build the hi-rise and a few other things, but that was a good night's work by itself.


More to come!



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For not having a lot of CS this looks pretty good. I'd add more vegetation to make the park more realistic.


I wish I could get some more CS, but I unzip files, I see the status bar load up, but it doesn't give me any new CS.


I always do shrubbery last, everything in it's proper order, first I finish the building, then I concentrate on details. Look at the Park Plaza, it has plenty of shrubbery, maybe too much...



Shrubbery is always the most difficult thing for me.


But I do see folks cram a bunch of trees willy-nilly into a large empty space and call it "good".


Yeah, nice "forest", but space is far too precious to use it up with stands of trees. lol


I do intend to put more in the front section of the park though and the middle section I haven't even started yet as far as greenery or attractions, it's going to be pretty thick in there.


On thing... I have already put in a lot of tropical style greenery, but I want to also put in some hardwood trees and mix or morph them with the tropical stuff.


Many times I stack bushes to make small trees out of them or combine two bushes to almost make a new type of bush, there are ways of spinning out your kitty.


It's much harder with the limited trees I have, I really don't like the looks of about half the palm trees.





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Here are the latest. At first I put up this large hi-rise as the third one for the park...





But, the more I looked at it the more I didn't like it.


Too bulky and blockish.


I have limited CS, so I have to try and avoid blockishness or mix it up to offset it somehow until I get more building pieces.


So, I decided to demolish that one and replaced it with this...



Much more elegant and diverse, kind of oriental in style.


Still needs details, still needs more shrubbery I know...








I might add a fourth tower that only has one floor, a nightclub.


Oh, I also replaced every yellow flood light in the park, lol.



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Here are a few of the latest projects...


The Ely Building is just a regular office tower where folks work.







There is a special camera setting, "freeview" something like that, that allows you to look straight up into the sky...



Here is a new restaurant, the Colonial Inn...




And here is the new Library, part of it...




I am still going to add a ground-level wing.


I put a river rapids in where the quiet rides begin...





And of course everything needs more shrubbery which I will get around to.


Here is a fairly current long shot of the park overall as it is so far...





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