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Six Flags Great Adventure - Size Restriction


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Yes, another one of those threads.


I'm going to a concert in New Jersey on the 18th, and am not returning home (to Ohio) till the 20th. A friend suggested we go to Six Flags while we're in town.


I'm not the smallest guy out there, and I know I won't fit a few rides off the bat, but I had a few questions to see if this would even be worth spending the money on.



I'm 6ft tall, 260, 46in chest, wearing 38's in jeans.


I KNOW I wont fit on nitro or on Kingda Ka, cause those are a lot like Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point, which I was about 3-4 inches off of the seat belt.


I've never had a problem with a lap bar at Cedar Point, and things like the Raptor, Maverick, Mantis were all fine with the harness, Mean Streak, Mine Ride, Gemini all fit seat belt and lap bar.


Would this even work out, is it work spending the money?


If I skipped anything that could be useful, please let me know.

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Kingda Ka has OTSRs like maverick so that should be ok, also - I think nitro had more room than some other b and m hypers


Toro may be a problem - the belt is about the same as bizarro at sfne, but the bar needs to come down further - so it depends how far the ride op can squish it!

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