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Disney desk. What's it worth?

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It's hard to say without seeing the item in person, as condition, materials, age and authenticity all play into the equation. Based on what you have here, I would guess that this is a knock-off and not an official Disney piece (see the comment above on Mickey's wearing Minnie's shoes). The top looks like pressboard instead of real wood, which lowers the value and dates it to probably the late '70s/early '80s. It also looks like the desk and chair both have some chips and dings, which devalues it even more. Knock off some additional cash if the joints aren't tight or the fasteners exhibit any rust.


The region you're selling it in also makes a difference, as prices tend to be higher in places like New York and southern California than they would be elsewhere (this is why the buyers and sellers on "Storage Wars" claim they can get $5 each for Coke bottles mass produced in 2000 that wouldn't be worth $1 in the rest of the U.S.--that and it makes for good television). On a really, really, really good day, if you find just the right Disney-ophile, you might get $25-$30. More realistically, if someone offers you $15, I would take it and run. Again, that's based solely on the photos, and because of that, some of the assumptions may be incorrect. Rust or wobbly joints would knock that estimate down to $10, if that.


Jason "Not an official appraiser, but I've collected antiques and Disney memorabilia for nearly a quarter-century" R.

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Not a problem. If you're that close to Disneyland and adding an "OBO," however, I would bump the price up to $30-$35. You have a better chance out there of some Disney nut stumbling across it and falling in love with it. And if you put OBO, most smart people are going to ask you to knock $5-$10 off of it, anyway.


Hope it sells (and hope my analysis was right--I'd hate to lose you money)!

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Sorry, I have no idea what it'd be worth.


Is it just me, or did Mickey steal Minnie's heels?


That is Minnie you are looking at not Mickey, so the heels are appropriate. Notice the white dots from the skirt? Mickey is on the other side of the chair. I can't recall ever seeing Minnie with out a top. Fake all the way.


This is a knock off, not actually Disney. Get what ever you can. Hopefully for you, the buyer won't notice.

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