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Anton Schwarzkopf: Der Mann der in Amerika Wellen schlägt

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I watched this in it's entirety yesterday, and even though it is in German, it is easy to follow, although hearing the LORD speak about His rides is quite incredible under any circumstances. The construction of a BayernKurve II plus a LoopingStar are amazing in every way- and should NOT be missed.



Praise be to Anton, Amen.

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Being with him as he builds the Looping Star prototype and explains the heartline-principle - just priceless!


Also some other great insights: As he inspects the trains wheels assemblies which if done properly likely would've saved people in Canada. Interesting fact that the rides are earthquake-proof as well as having a wide temperature operation range - from the heat of Texas to the frosty winters Germany.


The best was his "hints" at MBB (Messerschmidt Bölkow Blohm) at how they spent years and millions of German Mark to built a coaster that was crap-metal within 16 days - while hinting that he and his team built the prototype Looping Star in just five months...





The Bayernkurve in the film came back to him after travelling on german fairs for 11 years. He complained about the lack the service the ride has received over the years - the cars weren't banking anymore - and strongly supported the idea that ride operators should have a kind of "Amusement Rides Drivers License".

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OMG, the opening commercial for Greezed Lightnin'


I can't believe that I was running the audio in my head from memory as it played... even though I hadn't seen that ad since 1978. I had to wait three long months between GL's opening day and my first ride (I didn't live in Houston then and I was just 11 yrs old), and that commercial ran several times per day all summer long. I had it memorized.


The ride did not disappoint. I'm stoked on it re-opening at Cliff's next year.

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At some point during construction of the Looping Star and he "instructs" his co-workers he yells something like...


"Wir müssen fertig sein wenn der Stengel kommt..."


"We've to be finished till the Stengel comes..."



der Stengel? I thought he said, "Herr Stengel" (Mr Stengel) - although "der" is kinda funny.


I'll be the first to admit that my Deutsch ist schlecht and I occasionally got a bit overwhelmed when they'd be talking fast with background noises going on, or when more than one person talked at a time.


Speaking of that... did you notice that when Lord Anton spoke, NOBODY dared interrupt him or talked while he was speaking?

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