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[RCT2] Valleyfair! Scenario

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In 2006 I began work on a scenario of Valleyfair! similar to the Six Flags scenarios included in the game. I finished in 2007, and not long afterward I thought I had lost the file. However, to my delightful surprise, I had not lost the file like I had originally thought. I will soon be uploading this scenario to the game exchange, so be on the lookout. Also included will be a "Build Your Own Valleyfair!" much like the other "Build Your Own Six Flags ________ " scenarios. Here are some screens:



The entrance and objective.



Corkscrew and the Minnesota River Valley Railroad.



Mild Thing



An assortment of rides.



Thunder Canyon

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Do NOT get into a "this isn't NewElement" argument please, it's not worth it and there WILL be casualties.


Sepiroth, Seeing some of your old parks that just came up as NE releases, I'd think that this is a step down.

This scenario is obviously made in the style of the in-game Six Flags scenarios - some attractions are missing and there is no custom content used, among other things. It's meant to be played and completed, like every other scenario in the game.

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