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Suggestion requested for Six Flags vacation in late Aug/Sept

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HI All,


I've gotten an itch to take a vacation at end of August, and since my Partner doesn't want to go, my best friend and I are discussing booking a flight/hotel, and just going to a Six Flags park (since we've never used our Season Pass outside of Texas).


so some questions I could use some advice on:


-- are any of the parks close to the Airports?

-- any Hotel suggestion (one that may offer transportation to the park?)

-- what is the best park to visit (for someone who hasn't been to any of them other than the Texas parks).


any suggestion would be appreciated




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Depends on what you want to experience. If you want the tallest coasters Six Flags has to offer. Six Flag Great Adventure is what you will want attend as they have the tallest coaster in the world (Kingda Ka) and one of the tallest woodies (El Toro). Most of their steel coasters are B&Ms (segments hyper, stand up, floorless, flying, and inverted).


If you want some of the most unique, I would say SFMM would be what you want. They have two 4th Dimensional coasters (although a similar segment two very different experiences), the same B&M segments (minus the hyper but a better flying coaster), last of its kind 7 looping Arrow shuttle coaster, and a few others. Their hyper is nearly the same as the one found in SFOT, so just keep that in mind.


Those two are the ones I would say would give you the most variety from what you have at SFOT.


You can't go wrong with Six Flags Great America or Six Flags Over Georgia due to them having many rides not featured at SFOT. While I love my home park (Six Flags St. Louis), we don't as much to offer due to them giving us many of the same rides (Mr. Freeze, Batman, Pandemonium, Mine Train). I will say though (despite popular option) we do offer many good woodies. The American Thunder is short but packs a punch with an intense track layout. The Screamin' Eagle (a former New Guinness World Book of Record holder) is taller, faster, and longer than Judge Roy Scream. The Boss is pretty comparable to what the Texas Giant was before the transfer. It is fun, it just rattles a lot.


Just realize that the bigger parks with the better rides tend to have longer lines.

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thanks folks.


I have gone to Georgia every year for Dragon*con, and have never actually made it to SF0G (we're always too busy with the convention).


this is the first year (in 17 years) we are skipping Dragon*con - we needed a break. . LOL.


so that's not a bad suggestion, since I know the city of Atlanta very well, and Southwest just started flying there.


Is there a MARTA option from the airport to SFOG?




(Great Adventure would definitely be an option as well)

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There is a MARTA option from the Airport direct to Six Flags Over Georgia. Take the Blue line to Holmes station (end of the line on the west side). You can take either the Marta 201 bus (when SFOG is open) or the CCT 30 bus. I did this last year when I went to SFOG, it worked well (no rental car needed). SF Magic Mountain, SF Great America and SF America are all reachable by bus. I couldn't find any public transit that goes to SF Great Adventure.

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^If you're in New York. There's an NJ Transit bus that goes straight to SFGAdv from the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street, they say they leave at 9am, but the first bus leaves at 7.30am - I've used it many times. I think there's a similar bus from Newark as well. The good thing about New York is that Six Flags New England is pretty easy to get to by public transport as well.

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IF you go to SFDK, the closest airport is Oakland, and it's still not super close. It takes about 45 minutes to drive to the park, and just like Arrow Dynamics Fan said,

Depends on what you want to experience


SFDK is different from the average Six Flags park, with it's animal shows, and exhibits. As for rides, They're good, but not much really stands out, besides V2.5 and S:UF. As for hotel info, there's a lot of chain hotels close by, like Marriot, and Best Western.

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SFoG- by far:


While dining options are limited around the park, there are two good (and one dump) motels right next to the main gate. In addition, Cobb County Transport & MARTA both have bus lines that run directly to the park from the nearest MARTA station (I'm using this in a few short days...) to get from ATL to SFoG.


The park itself is wonderful all over. Excellent rides, good shows, and wonderful diversions all throughout make for a great two, three (Or in my case four) day trip to the park.


If you're willing to head out on MARTA/CCT, there are larger (and more diverse) places to stay/eat near the park. Avoid at all costs the area around Fulton Co. Airport- one exit east of SFoG. Numerous reports of drugs, prostitution & other activities make it a not-so-good place to be in. Going west from SFoG, you will have more choices, but fewer public transport options from there.



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