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[RCT 3] Port Costa

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I thought I would post some screenshots of Port Costa, my new ocean side resort/theme park featuring wild coasters, elaborate dark rides, and a beautiful boardwalk atmosphere.


My first update will show the completion of several B&M coasters I have put in already, with several more to come. I will be working on the waterpark and water rides for the next update. Enjoy the pics!


A view from the ocean, looking up at the boardwalk


Riptide is the park's B&M Floorless coaster, featuring a camelback, zero-g roll, and a cobra roll over sea.


In the background (purple track) we can see construction of Dynamo, a B&M Speedcoaster, Valkyrie is a flying terrain coaster. The castle contains a fully detailed dark ride. More on that later ;)


Valkyrie gliding overhead

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It's a good start! If you want to get more into custom scenery I'd recommend you Download Neton1 and Neton2 which contain numerous sets. If you want to stick with what you have now, I'd suggest you try making your buildings more dynamic. By dynamic, I mean make them more than just boxes. Expand and experiment with your buildings and make them complement your rides.


Good luck with the park.


Oh also:


Before you take screenshots! Do this:


1. Rename a peep in the park David Walsh.


2. Press Crtl+U


This will make the side menus disappear and make your screenshots look much more professional.

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