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Game: Careful What You Wish For

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Granted, but now their rides are so intense that nobody wants to ride them, no park wants to buy them. But instead of going bankrupt, B&M accepts a federal bailout package that includes legislation forcing all new coaster designs to meet new federal regulations that forbid all roller coasters from exceeding a height of 40 feet and a speed of 10mph. Nice job.


I wish I had the time and money to see all the parks around the world that I've always wanted to see.

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Granted, but then you're forced to move out of your house, and you can't take it with you!


I wish I went to an amusement park outside of America!

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Granted, but Journey to the Center of the Earth and Raging Spirits are closed...


I wish there was a coaster at SFGAm like Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars!

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Granted, but then they get rid of Raging Bull and Viper in order to install El Toro. Although El Toro is better than both Raging Bull and Viper from what I've heard, I'd rather have Raging Bull and Viper than just El Toro.


I wish Viper at SFGAm got Millennium Flyers!

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Hsiw. There you go. Granted!


And I said it out loud as I wrote it


I wish there was a Euro Fighter with one car forward and one car backward!

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