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Game: Careful What You Wish For

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Granted, but some parks consider Vekoma SLC's "amazing".


I wish some park would get a new, not used, B&M standup coaster for 2014.

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Granted... But most of people won't sure about that just like me. Is it for Leviathan?

I wish Premier could build Silent Hill-The Ride with a backward section full of airtime, a launch outdoor with an inverted top hat, lap bar only train, on ride audio...

^Yes... yes it is


Granted, but then this game wouldn't work.


I wish leviathan was 406ft instead of 306... taking the title for the world's tallest coaster with a lift hill.

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Granted, but you know it's not going to be by ARM...it's going to be some knock-off drop tower that looks exactly like an ARM tower.


I wish Cedar Point's Power Tower Space Shot was more intense.

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Granted, but Six Flags will probably move half the rides in The Great Escape to Buffalo, NY, demolish the original Comet, rebuild the Comet, and then call it a brand new park.


I wish Anton Schwarzkopf would come back to life.

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Granted, but the talking coaster will be a Vekoma SLC reading your death sentence.


I wish more standup coasters would have zero-G rolls.

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