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Game: Careful What You Wish For

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Granted, but then you would get so famous with your memes and designs you made in photshop that you would have to go into hiding in order to avoid the poparatzi.


I wish a coaster with a 1000' drop was built

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^I don't get it.. Is it supposed to be that I'll always be wishing for it, hoping the stratosphere coaster will still be built?


Anyway... Granted, but the movie would be really bad, and she'd hate you afterward.


I wish Verona didn't suck

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Wait... 87 is 24... and 24 is 87...

Therefore, 24≠24, and 87=24. 24 X 2 ≠ 24 X 2.

Let's assume Intamin=87, and Gerstlauer = 24

Intamin ≠ Intamin, but Intamin = Gerstlauer. Everyone knows Intamin is the best.

I backfired your wish just by that

I wish I was better at math

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Granted but, you end up as a contestant on Wheel of Fortune and try to buy "B" as vowel and Vanna White tells that "B" isn't a vowel and is not in the puzzle!


I wish that Six Flags had never used Tony Hawk for their "Big Spin" coasters!

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Granted, but then there would be another accident (completely unrelated to the fact that the ride was run backwards), a few months after the switch... This would cause the go to freak out, thinking it had something to do with the backwards trains, and the park woul have to switch the trains around in order to keep customers feeling safe and stat in business.


I wish B&M made a strata coaster.

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