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New coaster for Sega Joypolis

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I thought the coaster was just that: a coaster. Mix in video game-like screens (some moving) and a launch, and you got more of my attention!


Also yes, I recommend seeing the whole video as well!

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I have a friend on a trip to Japan right now and I made sure he knew that Tokyo Joypolis has been recently renovated and updated. Maybe if we get lucky he will send me some photos from Joypolis. I can't guarantee he will be able to visit though.

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FYI - We'll be going to this park on the Japan Tour next year!


Woo hoo! - and all those simulators and "environmental" (Evil Dolls!!!) attractions there,

besides the new coaster.


And the shopping mall.


And Condom-Mania, too!

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Yay Japan, yay messed up new credit, yay not having to ride Spin Bullet ever again! Can't wait to go back to Joypolis and do that Evil Dolls Sounds Dangerous thing, plus hopefully seeing the Rainbow Bridge all lit up at night.

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So, I'm confused about one thing. It's called Veil of Darkness: The Shooting Coaster. But it's not a shooting ride? Huh?


Oh yeah, it's Japan.


When Joypolis finally updated their site, I checked this out, because I've been considering stopping by there on my first Tokyo stop on the way to TPR China. Given that it was now themed and called "The Shooting Coaster", and given how many times they've changed Spin Bullet/Speed Boarder/etc, I'd assumed that this was just that coaster with new trains that shoot. (Maybe the ones from Zola at Fuji-Q?)


Apparently, this isn't the case!


Now, I'm so going there! In fact, in just over a month from now! Watching that video reminded me how much fun the weird half-pipe ride is! And the various walk-throughs, several of which I didn't have time for last time. Was the talking dolls thing really worth doing, if you don't speak English? I'd assumed that I'd miss the whole point.


Strangely enough, it may actually end up being my first coaster of the year! Unless I decide to hit up Galaxy Express (I'm staying in that hotel!) or Fuji-Q first. I've been so busy working overtime this year to pay for my crazy Asia trip that I haven't ridden ANY coasters yet! But I'll make up for it soon, maybe starting with a world premiere ride!


Hopefully, I'll figure out how to take video with my camera before then. I've never been big on taking coaster video, but I imagine there will be some demand for this one.


By the way, the park is officially called just Tokyo Joypolis now, even though Sega still owns it.

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